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HOME TOWN: Netherlands
Vocals: DaniŽl de Jongh
Guitars: Theo Holsheimer
Guitars: Remko van der Spek
Drums: Philipp Moser

The brand-new metal band CiLiCe has been formed by members of Dutch well known bands N3uk!, Orphanage and Smogus after these bands split up. With a style similar to Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan and Mike Patton these members are taking a big step further in metal music without ending up in pointless freaking. The bizarre riffs, the syncopic rhythms, the very divergent and mostly brutal vocals combined with lots of atmosphere are making the headtrip complete!

The combination of both experienced and very driven musicians with different backgrounds in heavy music has already made many people requesting for the debut album of which the recordings will be finished at the beginning of 2007. As from April 2007 the band is ready to play in Holland and abroad.