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Album Releases

HOME TOWN: Barstow, CA
Jesse Elledge - Vocals / Guitar
Chris Norris - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Noel Castillo - Keys / Synth
Jared Sturgis - Bass
Billy Norris - Drums

The latest realease from Chrysalis shows a tremendous amount of growth and musical maturity for such a young band.

The self-titled album also marks the debut of 2nd guitarist Chris Norris and Keyboardist Noel Castillo. The added instrumentation has given the band new musical ground to explore, and the effects have been quite noticeable. The songs
on "Chrysalis" are more lush, layered, and musically complex than anything else previously released by the band.

They 11 song disc also displays a wide variety of musical influences and techniques. Songs like "Outspoken" and "Aura" display the bands' heavier side, while the tracks such as "Serein" and "To Mend" delve more into the goth / symphonic genre.

Overall Chrysalis has created a fairly original sound that's hard to compare to anyone. If your a fan of rock, metal, progressive, or goth, and you're looking for something a little different, Chrysalis may just be what the doctor ordered.