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Dark Frequencies
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01. Dominion - 5:06
02. 3AM - 4:03
03. Revolve - 4:47
04. Eclipse - 5:24
05. Dark Frequencies - 3:45
06. The Void - 0:43
07. Vacant - 5:12
08. Insomnia - 3:05
09. Perfect Gift - 4:23
10. Final Solution - 3:24
11. The Omen - 1:25
12. Unleashed - 4:07


Here we go with yet another overseas band that is putting out some high quality METAL, unlike a large portion of their American peers. Fusing elements of modern thrash with metalcore, Chiraw have put together a solid outing with the release of 'Dark frequencies'.

Opening track "Dominion", with the great mixture of thrashy stop-start riffing, screamed verses and melodic choruses is a great example of this. Not to mention the vocals are completely intelligible, including the random lows that are thrown in for added effect. "3 AM" comes in with some kick ass blasting and thrashing riffs, sounding very much like 'Chainheart Machine' era Soilwork. The band then switches seamlessly into a hard driving rhythm not unlike that of Machine Head or Chimaira. Definitely some headbanging grooves going on here.

Being produced by Jochem Jacobs, it's not entirely surprising that "Revolve" sounds similar to Textures in a lot of ways. Fortunately, Chiraw manages to keep from sounding like a clone by taking those elements and mixing in their own flavor to make it all their own. The chorus is also extremely catchy, and will likely stay with you long after the disc comes to an end. "Eclipse" is another track that has a Soilwork feel to it, with accentuated keyboards and a smiliar staccato style. But the melodic chorus takes the band into Bullet For My Valentine territory, as Robin comes off sounding rather similar to Matt Tuck. Of course, to offset things even more, Robin brings in the more guttural death oriented vocals right before the ultra melodic break.

The remainder of the album is equally as good and just as unrelenting as it is catchy and memorable. Bu then when you've got capable musicians and a vocalist with that kind of range, it's really hard to fail. Chiraw could most likely break into any style of metal, extreme or commercial, and pull it off successfully. And when you're doing the band thing where both ability and flexibility are key, that's exactly where you want to be.


In this day and age of bands trying to sound exactly like Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, or whoever the next big "Myspace Metal" phenomenon ends up being, Chiraw is a very welcome breath of fresh air in an ultra-stale metal scene. With any luck, they'll get picked up by a label that can get them into U.S. Stores and on U.S. tours in the future.

'Dark Frequenices' is definitely a recommended buy. Especially for fans of Soilwork, Chimaira, Machine Head and Malefice.

RATING: 9/11

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Dark Frequencies