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Album Releases

HOME TOWN: Nashville, TN
Lance Black (vocals/guitar)
Jesse Fine (bass)
Matt Fine (drums)
Ryan Parrish (guitar)

No, the members of Celebrity are not from England. Nor are they from Brooklyn. They are, strangely enough, from Nashville, TN - a city better known for Stetsons and Shania-bees than for sophisticated, arena-ready guitar rock bands. Yet it was there, in the country music capitol of the world, that Lance Black first teamed up with brothers Jesse and Matt Fine in early 2001 to form Celebrity. The three bonded over a shared love of 80's British rock (The Cure, Depeche Mode, U2) and 90's American post-hardcore (Quicksand, Sunny Day Real Estate) and immediately set out to build a loyal following, playing shows in their hometown and across the US with the likes of Thursday, The Juliana Theory, Thrice, Piebald and others. In 2002, Celebrity recorded its debut ep "sleep" with producer and longtime friend Mark Nash. The ep won the praise of the indie rock community and caught the attention of director John Polson- who prominently featured the song "Cave" in his Fatal-Attraction-for-teens film "Swimfan". Celebrity solidified its lineup in late 2002 with the addition of guitarist Ryan Parrish, late of the North Carolina hardcore band Hopesfall. With Parrish and his arsenal of guitar effects in tow, the band weathered a couple of false starts with record labels and ultimately opted to sign with the independent Doghouse Records (Get Up Kids, All American Rejects). In early 2003 the band reconvened in Mark Nash's studio (the Bookhouse) to record its debut album "Lovesick". The album picks up where the "sleep" ep left off - walls of textured guitars, powerful rhythms and vocalist/guitarist Black's lush melodies- but displays a greater depth and maturity in the songwriting. "You just pour out your feelings one night (when writing) and realize later, after the song is recorded, how personal those feelings really were," Black says. "At first I was a little embarrassed at first at how honest these songs are, but putting those feelings on paper or in a song has always been the best way for me to figure things out". "Lovesick" is scheduled for release May 20, 2003. Celebrity are set to hit the road in support of the album in April. "From the day we started this band, our immediate goal was to make an album and tour," says drummer Matt Fine. "Now it's starting and we're not going to stop." Experience Celebrity.