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Toying With The Insanties Vol. 1

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What Doesnt Kill You...

What Doesn't Kill You CD
Original Candiria Guitarist Passes Away
October 1, 2009
In the wake of their latest release, 'Toying With the Insanities', current members of Candiria have learned the sad news that original Candiria guitarist, Chris Puma, passed away last week, on September 20th.

The band has issued the following statement…

Chris Puma died on September 20th 2009. The cause is not known to us, as his family did not speak of it. He leaves behind two children, 3 year old Aislinn A'marie and a 4 month old Aidan Todd. Chris was a great friend to the founding members of the band, and a respected musician among his friends and peers. He was a kind and gentle person and he will be missed.”

was one of the founding members of the band, playing guitar in Candiria from 1992 to 1997, while helping to create the unique sound that Candiria is known for today. He can be heard on such Candiria records as 'Deep in the Mental' (1995) and 'Surrealistic Madness' (1995).
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Candiria To Host Record Release Party
September 24, 2009
New York's evolutionary Metal/Hip Hop/Jazz outfit, Candiria, will host a record release party in celebration their latest effort, 'Toying With the Insanities', which came out on September 9th. The party will be held in the band’s hometown of New York City at Three of Cups (83 1st Ave.) on Oct 1st. The festivities will begin at 9:00 PM.

Fans that attend the record release party will have the chance to hear the first two volumes of 'Toying With the Insanities', while hanging out with the band and special guests, such as Fuse TV’s Mistress Juliya, and superstar DJ JennCity (Suicide City, Super Chix, Ex-Kittie). Limited edition hard copies of ‘Volume One’ and ‘Volume Two' of the four-volume set of rarities and remixes will be available for purchase.

is one of New York’s most influential bands of the past decade. Their unique blend of Metal, Jazz, Hip Hop, and various other genres has inspired numerous Metal and avant-garde groups, since the release of their first album in 1995.

'Toying With the Insanities'
is not a typical Candiria record. The band brought in special guest remixers for the project, who had complete creative freedom to remix the classic Candiria tracks. Both ‘Volume One’ and ‘Volume Two’ are available digitally on, iTunes, and, while ‘Volume One’ will have a limited press of 1,000 CDs, and ‘Volume Two’ will have a limited release of 500 LPs. The limited edition hard copies of both volumes can be purchased on The final two volumes of the four-volume set will be released in early 2010.

For more information on Candiria and 'Toying With the Insanities', visit, or head on over to
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Candiria Post Second Track Online
September 7, 2009
New York experimental Metal veterans, Candiria, have posted a second track off the upcoming rarities and remixes collection, 'Toying With the Insanities', on the their official MySpace page. The new track, “Paradigm Shift (Ignite Remix)”, was remixed by Benjamin Weinman of the East Coast experimental Metal band, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and will be on ‘Volume Two’ of the four-volume set, to be released with ‘Volume One’ on September 9th. The final two volumes will be released early next year.

'Toying With the Insanities'
features remixed songs from Candiria’s first three albums. The band brought on special guest remixers to put their own creative twist on classic Candiria tracks. “Paradigm Shift (Ignite Remix)” joins “Faction”, which was remixed by fellow New Yorker, and Industrial/Techno experimentalist, Edgey, as the first two songs to be revealed from the project on the band’s MySpace. Both songs were originally from the band’s 1997 release, 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt'.

For more information on the upcoming release straight from the source, fans can see an in depth, exclusive, video interview with frontman Carley Coma, and guitarist John Lamacchia at
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Candiria Post Track From 'Toying With The Insanities' Online
August 18, 2009
The wait is over. New York’s experimental metalers, Candiria, have finally posted a track off their highly anticipated four-volume set of rarities and remixes, 'Toying With the Insanities', on the their official MySpace page. The remixed version of “Faction” is now available for streaming, and will be available on the first volume of the set to be released with ‘Volume Two’ on September 9th through Rising Pulse Records.

'Toying With the Insanities'
features remixed songs from Candiria’s first three albums. The band brought on special guest remixers to help out with the project. “Faction” was taken from the band’s 1997 release, 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt', and was remixed by fellow New Yorker, and Industiral/Techno experimentalist, Edgey.

has also teamed up with for an exclusive 'Toying With the Insanities' contest. One lucky fan will win an autographed copy of the limited release ‘Volume One’ CD, and an autographed copy of the limited colored vinyl of ‘Volume Two’. Two runner-ups will win a Candiria tee shirt. Fans can enter at this location.

Volumes one and two of 'Toying With the Insanities' will be released on Rising Pulse Records on September 9th. Both volumes will be released on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc.), while ‘Volume One’ will have a limited press of 1000 CDs, and ‘Volume 2’ will be packaged into 500 LPs. Volumes three and four of the upcoming four-volume set are slated for an early 2010 release.

For more information on Candiria and 'Toying With the Insanities', visit, or
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Candiria Release Promo Vid For 'Toying With The Insanities'
August 12, 2009
New York’s experimental extremists, Candiria, have released the first video in a series of promotional videos for their upcoming four-volume set of rarities of remixes, 'Toying With the Insanities'. The first installment of the promotional series, which contains a sneak peak at a remixed track, can be viewed below, as well as at this location.

Volumes One and Two of the upcoming set, 'Toying With the Insanities', will be released on Rising Pulse Records on September 9th. Both volumes will be released on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc.), while ‘Volume One’ will have a limited press of 1000 CDs, and ‘Volume 2’ will be packaged into 500 LPs. Each volume contains remixed tracks from Candiria’s first three albums, which were put together by special guest remixers from bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Dalek, Kayo Dot, Fishbone, and more.

For more information on Candiria, and 'Toying With the Insanities'…visit, or
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HOME TOWN: Brooklyn, NY
Carley Coma (vocals)
Eric Matthews (guitar)
John LaMacchia (guitar)
Michael MacIvor (bass)
Kenneth Schalk (drums)

September 9, 2002 is a day that changed Candiria. As a band. As musicians. And as individual people. In the face of monstrous adversity, the experimental band, which could never be accused of being �stagnant,� has prospered, progressed, and grown even more.On that fateful September day, the Brooklyn band, which has always kept its fans guessing thanks to its unpredictable, mathematical style, was involved in a horrific accident while on tour supporting its last album, the double-disc Coma Imprint. The accident resulted in the total destruction of its tour vehicle, and the members of Candiria sustained serious, critical injuries.But Candiria survived and has been reborn with What Doesn�t Kill You, its new album on Type A Records. According to frontman Carley Coma, �It�s our most emotional album. We should�ve died in the accident and this album might never have been made. But I think it�s going to wind up being our best.� Bassist Michael MacIvor concurs, �We lived through this and we wanted to do something different. Maybe the accident was some type of gift. The band went through changes and we decided to add a new, melodic side to our music because of the accident. It takes life altering and defining moments to make you change.� Drummer Kenneth Schalk finishes, �This is our fifth album and it�s the relevant evolution of our band. Every song is about us evolving.�Every human being knows that change isn�t the most pleasant thing in the world, but it�s necessary for survival. In true Candiria fashion, What Doesn�t Kill You, which was produced by David Bendeth (40 Below Summer, Breaking Benjamin, Ill Nino), keeps listeners on their toes with its honest, cerebral experimentation, which earned the band its reputation as musical alchemists that fuse metal, hardcore, jazz, and hip-hip in a wholly original, combustible blend. Previous outings, namely 300 Percent Density and The Process Of Self-Development, have garnered nods from the likes of Rolling Stone, Spin, and Kerrang.But while What Doesn�t Kill You not only builds on Candiria�s complex, hallmark signature style, it expands and goes beyond it, embracing change instead of fearing it. The band admits songcraft was an essential focus of this record.�It�s an up and down journey,� explains MacIvor. �It�s less quirky and less from the jazz side. We did that in the past and we don�t want to make the same record twenty times. We didn�t want to become predictable. If everyone expects us to insert jazz parts, we thought, �Let�s not do that at all.� And adding a jazz part didn�t feel right on this particular group of songs.�The songs on What Doesn�t Kill You pulse and throb, but also show a newfound respect for catchiness. The band also tried its hand at three part harmonies, adding another layer of dynamics to an already dynamic sound. Coma, who has rapped and screamed on past Candiria albums, demonstrates a deft, capable singing voice, and his sharpest lyrical focus to date.�Down� and �Remove Yourself,� on first listens, might not even sound like Candiria songs to seasoned fans of the band. They�re some of Candiria�s simplest songs ever, to which Schalk says, �Whether you are simple or technical with your music, it does not measure greatness. It�s the song.� And both songs groove in such a way that they will take up real estate in your brain. They�re unforgettable, yet in a completely different way the more experimental songs like �1000 Points Of Light� and �Dead Bury The Dead� are unforgettable. And then there is �9mm Solution,� which roots itself in hip-hop.From a lyrical standpoint, Coma treads more personal ground. �Down� is the band�s testament to trying new things and moving on. �Nameless King� is about stepping into a new arena, while �Blood� is a track about war. �1000 Points Of Light� is a rebellion anthem, and �Vacant� is about Coma�s father. The lyrics on What Doesn�t Kill You are some of Candiria�s most potent and graphic to date, and it�s just another ingredient in a new, improved recipe.Many hard rock bands, upon establishing themselves, are afraid to try new things. You can�t say that about Candiria. The band has been trying new things since it formed in 1992. You can rest assured that as long as Candiria remains a band, it will continue to charter previously uncharted territory and take a sledgehammer and smash new ground.It�s never easy for a band to endure sonic growing pains and life-threatening accidents.But you know how the old saying goes� What Doesn�t Kill You�only makes you stronger.