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Album Releases

Fission, Fusion, And Things Made Of Concrete
HOME TOWN: Pasadena, CA
Jon Gollihugh (vocals)
Chris Nuccio (guitar)
Jeremiah Bignell (bass)
Edward Mosqueda (drums)

Since their inception in December of 1997, the CafFiends have been a force in the Southern California music scene. Hailing from Pasadena California, the four piece band of progressive hard core rock have spent the past six years constantly pushing the envelope. The CafFiends' first nationally distributed album "Closer to Defeat" (2001 Screaming Giant Records) was released to much national acclaim. The self-produced album was a launching pad for the band, spreading the CafFiends around the country and allowing them a platform for touring. Though shunned by some in the hard core scene for their unusual style and approach towards their music, the CafFiends have formed a broad fan base of followers who are more interested in good music than any particular scene. Through various member changes over the past six years, the three core creative members of Ed Mosqueda, Chris Nuccio, and Jon Gollihugh have remained constant. Immediately after the release of "Closer to Defeat" the CafFiends began writing for their next album. Almost three years later, the seminal album "Fission, Fusion and Things Made of Concrete" was released. In its original self released form the album, whos theme was inspired by the John McPhee book "The Binding Curve of Energy", did not contain the band's name printed anywhere on the artwork. The album had taken on a life of it's own and had become bigger than the CafFiends; it was something fourth dimensional. "Fission, Fusion and Things Made of Concrete" shatters out of the band's predetermined molds becoming more then just another hard core album. Branching out with tracks of Noise Pop, Jazz, Drum & Bass, and an all analog music concrete opus, one hesitates to label the CafFiends as just another hard core band. What was once looked upon as the final farewell for the CafFiends has now become a new beginning, with "Fission Fusion and Things Made of Concrete" being re-released January 6th, 2004, by Indianola Records.