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Rob Egbert (vocals)
Mike Krilivsky (guitar)
Ball (bass)
Josh Barbarotta (drums)

Cade began in January 2003, when drummer Josh Barbarotta contacted vocalist Rob Egbert on the recommendation of a friend in the Boston music scene. Surprisingly enough, Josh and Rob were actually living across the street from one another on Commonwealth Ave. Viewing that as a good omen, they decided to start up a band. A couple months later, Rob received a call from guitar player Mike Krilivsky. Mike had been following Rob's music for some time and tracked him down via Within a few days, Mike came up to Boston to rehearse with Josh & Rob; as fortune would have it, Mike was packed and prepared to move from Connecticut to Los Angeles. Unexpectedly, it was Boston where he would end up moving. The band settled in for the spring and summer of 2003 as a three piece. In between writing sessions, the band held tryouts for bass players and second guitar players. All were talented and promising; yet no one struck the band as perfect. Finally, Mike proposed the idea of bringing up one of the bass players from his last band, Intensify. As Mike expected, Ball came in and won everyone over. It was then that everyone knew the lineup was finally complete. Since then, the group has been songwriting and preparing for regional and national touring. The first EP for Cade is being released Fall/Winter 2003, and they are currently touring throughout New England.