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HOME TOWN: Gothenburg, Sweden
Jessie Garon (vocals)
Johnny Ola (guitar)
Kapten (bass)
David Augustsson (drums)

C.AARMÉ the Swedish militia of punk rock. No, not the fashion punk that seethes from the oily pores of the corporate rock machines of today... this is the real sweaty deal. Destroyed amplifiers, guitars through windows, and blown out vocal chords. A maniacal attack of cataclysmic proportions. Feigning death for their required military service and hiding in the forests of Sweden only to emerge to behead the new garage punk aristocracy. The invasion has begun and no prisoners will be taken. Sometimes, C.AARMÉ's fast energetic punk rock reminds you of Bad Brains. C.AARMÉ have never heard Bad Brains. Sometimes, they remind you of Black Flag. C.AARMÉ have never listened to Black Flag. "We just wanted to play fast and hard without deeper analysis, and this is the way it came out.