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HOME TOWN: Las Vegas, NV
Sean Delanty (vocals)
Josh Edwards (guitar)
Jarod Mirowski (bass)
Matt Amundsen (guitar)
Matt Decarlo (drums)

Pull the pin, and the grenade detonates. By Death’s Design’s music has the same principle - when they step on stage and plug in, the distinct feeling of war fills the air. Each song is filled with energetic chants and a driving force all supported by a dark and melodic backbone. By Death’s Design has cultured their sound to be unique, yet with similarities akin to the sounds of Thrice, Poison the Well, and From Autumn to Ashes. This style of aggressive music with its passion-filled screaming has been slowly sneaking up on the front of what is now deciding the fate of hardcore. With this militant force striking on the anvil of underground music, By Death’s Design forges ahead to meet their bright future. By Death’s Design has earned their veteran stripes from its members’ previous bands in cities like Richmond Virginia, Syracuse New York, and here in Las Vegas Nevada. The mix finally came in the early spring of 2002 when Josh Edwards, Sean Delanty, and Jarod Mirowski – having already preconceived the band – recruited Matt Amundsen on guitar and drummer Matt DeCarlo. With this new group ready for combat, they charged ahead once more with an acute understanding of what it takes to conquer. Battle born and soaked in fury, By Death's Design has achieved maturity in Las Vegas' exploding hardcore scene by earning their scars and stripes alongside bands like Open Hand, A Static Lullaby, Grade, and Evergreen Terrace. With passion in one pocket and a road map in the other, By Death’s Design enters the streets with a wanton abandon of rules and a chaotic consumption of all.