By Any Means Necessary
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By Any Means Necessary
Adam Wright - Vocals
Stephen Fernandez - Bass
Jake Jarmon - Drums
Kevy Rojas - Guitar

The metal genre could be best defined as a reverence of power that can be found in darkness, and By Any Means Necessary upholds this notion by collaborating thrash and death metal-styles with lyrics signifying a somewhat misanthropic nature. From its conception in 2003, the band quickly came to acknowledgment and captivated audiences per the coherent execution of momentum found at their live performances. Originally founded by Stephen Fernandes(bass), Bobby Schwagel(lead guitar), Adam Wright(Vocals), and Jake Jarmon(drums), the band would soon become a household name in the Austin metal scene. It took little time before the band would have the opportunity to perform with internationally-known acts such as Soulfly, Deicide, Meshuggah, Crowbar, Vital Remains, Cattle Decapitation, M.O.D, Divine Heresy and Thine Eyes Bleed.

With the departure of the Bobby Schwaegel in the fall of 2007, the band welcomed the young Kevy Rojas into the mix and further enhanced their repertoire of music. Upon the spring of 2008, the band entered the studio with producer Scott Sargeant(M.O.D./ex-Skinlab, Killing Culture, Laaz Rockit) and Kristopher Nunez(Vesperian Sorrow/Amplitude Media) to record their self-titled demo. Following the completion of the recording, the band embarked on a summer-long chain of shows spanning the state definitively and advanced its influence into new audiences comprised of both metal and non-metal fans.

As By Any Means Necessary continues to gain the respect of new fans and music-critics the premise remains unchanged. The band's vision is fluently concrete and will continue to spread its message from the hills of central Texas to the depths of hell.