Bury Your Dead
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Mosh N Roll
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1. “Slaughterhouse Five” 2:32
2. “Nothing Is Lost Save Honor” 2:39
3. “Bluebeard” 2:39
4. “The Sirens Of Titan” 3:26
5. “Deadeye Dick” 2:19
6. “Timequake” 2:51
7. “Sun Moon Star” 2:34
8. “Slapstick” 2:39
9. “Mother Night” 3:02
10. “Jailbird” 3:39
11. “Mosh ‘N’ Roll” 2:09

By: Derik Waechter

Four years is a long time to sit back and watch one of the most energetic metallic hardcore bands turn to shit and play songs that sound like they should have been written for Sevendust. But with that in the past as Myke Terry “decided” to leave Bury Your Dead, Mat Bruso is back, thus, the REAL Bury Your Dead is back and they are stronger than ever. Their album “Mosh ’N’ Roll” is to be released on Mediaskare Records on August 2nd, and believe me, it has been worth the wait.

As a long time Bury Your Dead fan, I was both worried, yet excited to hear this record. I wasn’t sure if they had what it takes to go back to their original sound. Quite the contrary, Mosh ’N’ Roll is Bury Your Dead’s best release to date This album is powerful. Very, very powerful. Mat is just as pissed as he always has been, the lyrics are hard-hitting, and the guitar tone is crushing. This album is classic Bury Your Dead. You won’t find any “djentcore” bullshit here. This album is trend-free, straightforward, pissed off, metallic hardcore. The production is solid, everything sounds balanced and analog, there are no digitized instruments, this is no half-assed record.

Bury Your Dead keeps things heavy this time around without farting out breakdown after breakdown, but instead they play catchy riffs, as well as a little bit of groove. They also incorporate melody into the record, and it sounds fantastic. There are of course breakdowns, but they are in no way recycled to the point of boredom. I think that both old and new Bury Your Dead fans will be very pleased with this record. This album offers something for hardcore and fans and metal fans alike.

This album is pissed, heavy, and fast. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, it is an ideal length. The record does not drag on and each song has a different style, which keeps the album from sounding stale and repetitive. What makes this album a solid release is that it is a classic Bury Your Dead record, but it incorporates more of a metallic sound than Bury Your Dead’s previous releases with Bruso, and they did an awesome job. They took their signature sound and added something a little different. After four years, Bury Your Dead still has it, are making fucking awesome music again, and I am very excited to see what is in store for their future.

RATING: 11/11

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