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Album Releases

The Ocean
Derek Kun (vocals)
Jason Kun (guitar)
Mike Goreski (bass)
Sam Osland (drums)

The Winnipeg-based four-piece, whose members include brothers Derek and Jason Kun (vocals and guitar respectively), Sam Osland (drums) and Mike Goreski (bass), formed in the summer of 2001 and quickly distinguished themselves as a unique and highly energetic band amidst the choking atmosphere of generic pop-punk acts. Six months after releasing their debut album The Ocean on Century Media’s Abacus Recordings, Burnthe8track are still riding a wave that won’t crest. The Winnipeg based four-piece, comprised of Derek and Jason Kun (vocals and guitar respectively), Sam Osland (drums) and Mike Goreski (bass) play punk-prone rock that sways between contagious melody, heartfelt emotion, and all-out aggression. Like the ocean, they can be serene one moment, and surging the next. While 2004 was a huge year for the band with countless tours across Canada, USA, and Europe playing with acts as diverse as Propaghandi, Sum 41, and The Ataris, great reviews in magazines like Revolver, Exclaim, and Chart, college and commercial radio play throughout the USA and Canada, three songs on the soundtrack for ESPN’s Hockey 2K5 video game, and the video for their first single “Two Worlds Apart” spending over 18 weeks in rotation on MuchLoud, 2005 looks even more promising. With the record released in over 33 countries world-wide, the band will add to their impressive touring schedule with a six-week tour of Eastern Canada, Midwest USA and Europe, a three-week tour of Eastern USA, a two-week tour of Western Canada, a second tour of Europe that will include a slot at Germany’s legendary Pressurefest, as well as appearances on the Vans Warped Tour. The Video for their second single “Buried Beneath Us” is currently in rotation on Muchmusic, and has been added at both MTV Canada and MTV2 in the US. If you like Hot Water Music, Thursday, Sparta, or Dag Nasty you will not want to miss this band.