Bullet For My Valentine
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Scream Aim Fire: Deluxe Edition
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01. Scream Aim Fire
02. Eye Of The Storm
03. Hearts Burst Into Fire
04. Waking The Demon
05. Disappear
06. Deliver Us from Evil
07. Take It Out On Me
08. Say Goodnight
09. End Of Days
10. Last To Know
11. Forever and Always

Bonus tracks:
12. Road To Nowhere
13. Watching Us Die Tonight
14. One Good Reason Why
15. Ashes Of The Innocent

01. Waking The Demon
02. Hearts Burst Into Fire
03. Drinking
04. Bullet TV Swiss
05. Bullet TVv Japan
06. Travel To Oz
07. Australia
08. Oz Tour (Main Version)


I really don't see what the point of this re-release is. With the entire U.S. economy gone to shit, and cd sales being barely half what they used to be due to album leaks and illegal downloading, it seems that a full physical cd re-release of any album at this point to be rather pointless.

Granted a band like Bullet For My Valentine may have the benefit of basically being a "boy band" with guitars, who have locked in the 13-25 demographic of teen girls and boys that either want to be with the band, or want to be them, meaning they're still likely going to sell plenty of cd's as a result, which is more than likely what the record label is banking on.

Unfortunately, the bonus material that has been added to this release doesn't offer very much for someone who already bought the original release. The bonus tracks aren't the best material the band has, and it's easy to see why they didn't make it onto the album to begin with. And the bonus DVD is lacking in running time and content. Sure it might be nice to have all the band's latest videos on a disc along with a few episodes of 'Bullet TV' to boot, but taking the average age range of the bands fans into consideration, how many of them really watch dvd's anymore? When you're dealing with a demographic that lives off of iTunes, iPods, Myspace, and YouTube, and is used to getting a large percentage of their music for free anyway, 9 out of 10 says that throwing a bonus dvd onto anything isn't going to do much good in selling more records...not anymore anyway.


It's astounding that at this point in the game, that any label would still try to make use of this bullshit tactic of re-releasing an album. With as terrible as cd sales have been in this year alone, one would imagine that any label would just go digital and release a limited edition digital ep of some sort, with both audio and video content available for download either exclusively through a specific site, or through all the regular digital music services.

I really don't see this selling very well, regardless of what kind of bonus material the label attaches to the release. Maybe offering a discount on a concert ticket or something to that effect would help to sell more copies, but simply adding a dvd to a release with videos and bonus footage that could just as easily be watched online...it just doesn't make any sense. Maybe the numbers will prove otherwise...but really, unless you're a serious collector and simply MUST own this, I wouldn't recommend running out to buy this one. Especially if you already have the cd. the "Bonuses" just aren't worth the extra cash you'll have to shell out.

RATING: 6/11

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