Boys Night Out
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Dude, You Need To Stop Dancing


Make Yourself Sick

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HOME TOWN: Burlington, Ontario - Canada
Connor (vocals)
Jeff (guitar/vocals)
Dave (bass)
Rob (guitar/vocals)
Ben (drums)

boys night out is a dying ex-lover found in a filthy back ally of some awful, polluted city. running to their aid, trying hard not to notice that their insides blanket the asphalt and that your name has been carved into their back and spelled out in blood on the surrounding brick, you ask them what happened. as the horrible tale unfolds from their tongue to your ears, you break down into tears - trying to keep your composure, but failing miserably. then, with their dying breath and final fragmented words, "i love you", you remove your hand from the back of their head, take seven steps back and realize that this scene...this, with it's pallet full of deep black and rich the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. originally forming in 1998, but breaking up after playing only one show, boys night out consisted of jeff davis (ex-gym class joke, the pettit project, the sandwhich mafia) on vocals, rob pasalic (ex-sandwich mafia, ruins) on guitar, james "paperboy" gagne (ex-farewell to flesh) on guitar, adam kingsbury (ex-sandwich mafia, ruins) on drums, and jason samilski (ex-chubs, gang of five robots) on bass. there were variations on who played what with the original lineup. following the break up, everybody pretty much went off and did their own thing. various bands came and went; the local burlington, ontario scene went through a strange and fairly brief fascination with ska; and a couple of the old memebers of BNO realized that they missed playing the old songs. in the early spring of 2001, jeff recruited the help of friend (and bandmate in gym class joke / the pettit project) connor lovat-fraser in hopes of recording two of the old BNO songs and maybe reviving the project. connor - who, aside from gcj and pettit had also been in the day had died and gang of five robots - accepted the offer and the two recorded "sketch artist composite" and "the anatomy of the journey"...jeff on guitars and bass, connor on drums and vocals. with the songs demoed, jeff and connor rebuilt the band with the help of rob (the original bno guitarist), dave costa (ex-ruins) and chris danner (ex-grade, outspan). it was with this line up that the band recorded the "you are my canvas" 4 song ep and started to play live once again. a short time later, chris was replaced on drums by ben arseneau (ex-allendale) due to conflicts of interest regarding the bands future. now, with each new song they write and every show they play, boys night out continue to generate a growing following and capture the ears of fans and critics alike...and they have no intention of stopping now.