Blood Runs Cold
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HOME TOWN: Trenton, NJ
Steve (drums)
Sean (guitar)
Scotty (bass)
Prez (guitar)

Hailing from Hamilton, NJ Blood Runs Cold is an original metalcore outfit originally formed in 1999 by founding members Josh and Sean. Both were extremely young and still exploring their musical tastes and abilities. Several members came and went as the band searched for a musical identity to call their own. In 2000 BRC independently released a 5 song CD which received some positive local attention but not much else due to limitations on touring and over-all stability. Aside from making a name for them selves this also CD served to secure current bass player Scotty into the line-up. The Blood Runs Cold that exists today however was forged in the winter of 2001 when the band’s search for a drummer ended with the acquisition of Steve-o. Shortly after this longtime guitar player Anthony left the band and was replaced with Prez whose band with Scotty (Hope Denied) had recently dissolved. The newly formed group quickly developed a 5 song set. These songs were written in a much different manner than previously, the styles of all band members merged encompassing a substantial variety of sounds. Abandoning their more traditional hardcore vibe, they explored a new metal-like sound which put more emphasis on melody, hard hitting breakdowns, and slightly more technical riffs. As soon as February of 2002 a 4 song CD was recorded. Quickly they began networking and making new friends in the scene. Soon the band was able to play shows more often. As the summer approached band members used their time off from school to play more shows than ever and even embark on a week long tour with their friends in With Resistance, which brought the bands as far west as Wisconsin. Playing out helped BRC become more comfortable and upon returning a second recording was soon completed within a couple all day sessions thanks to a dear friend After a lot of mixing and original layout artwork was complete 'Your Tears are the Fuel to my Laughter' was released in late September. This CD encompasses the band’s work over the past several months and is a source of great pride for all members. Armed with a potent product of their dedication to music the band is ready to bring their sound to as many willing ears as humanly possible in the hopes of developing an enduing place in the heavy music scene.