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The Fathomless Mastery
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1. At The Behest Of Their Death
2. Process Of Disillumination
3. Slaughtering The Will To Live
4. Mock The Cross
5. Treasonous
6. Iesous
7. Drink From The Cup Of Heresy
8. Devouring The Feeble
9. Earthrot
10. Hades Rising
11. Wretched Human Mirror


So what really is the deal with every magazine and website being all over Bloodbath's nuts on this album?? Is it because Mikael Akerfeldt is a part of this band, and they want to kiss his ass as much as they possibly can, or what? This album made so many top ten lists for 2008, it was pathetic. And the question of "Why??" still remains. So here's an entirely different take on it for anyone that has any knowledge of metal that goes back further than 1996.

Back in 1995, a little known band called Morbid Angel released their sophomore album for major label, Giant records. The album was titled 'Domination', and was the first album to feature a then little know guitarist named Erik Rutan...

Now, almost an entire generation (14 years) later, this band called Bloodbath, which just so happens to feature in it's ranks some well known modern day death metallers, releases an album called 'The Fathomless Mastery', and receives tons of praise and critical acclaim for it. All that for an album that couldn't possibly sound more like 'Domination' than it already does. Unfortunately, it seems that almost every member of the Metal media has conveniently forgotten about the amazing album that was 'Domination', and somehow feel that 'The Fathomless Mastery' is some sort of modern day Death Metal Masterpiece. Unfortunately, that's exactly what it ISN'T. Not only is the guitar tone lifted from Domination, but Mikael even sounds like David Vincent. So much so, that it's rather pathetic.

Maybe the younger folk who don't know much about Morbid Angel will be inspired to take a look back at Morbid Angel's catalog. And hopefully the moronic metal media that licked this album's nuts will take a few smacks to the head to help jog their faulty memories.


This album should have been called 'The Fathomless Bastardry', because that's exactly what it is. A bastard child of sorts, to Morbid Angel's Domination. For any doubters or naysayers out there who think this album really is genius, just listen to 'Mock The Cross', then throw on 'Where The Slime Live' and then see what you think.

This album doesn't deserve to be anywhere near any top 10 lists. But we can't all see things for what they are. If we did, more metalheads would realize (and ADMIT) that Slayer is extremely overrated, and that this album is nothing more than a shoddy attempt to recreate something that was already done perfectly the first time around, by a more capable band.

RATING: 1/11

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