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MBugout City
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MBugout City We'll Die 730 Strong Beat 'Em Up Witness Blackout Never See Them Crack Just Walking By Simmer Down Ghosts They're Coming For You Make Way Sally Never Let Your Guard Down Like it or Not In a Hurry Permanent Scar

Blestenation MBUGOUT CITY Suburban Noize ✯✯✯✯ What do you get on the new disc MBugout City? The most knocking of the hard rock riffs and hooks, mixed up with some intransigent, streetwise rap that are the basis of the stew being cooked up by team Blestenation. Well, maybe add a little surreal eighties sounding synths in with them beef and potatoes. This is a winning combo for the members of this big apple based band. Frontman Werdplay, has got a swift tongue, as proven on Blestenations's debut Left For Dead, but he and his co-horts FAFU (turntables/production) and Various apply all of their conscious to his latest consignment of words on MBugout City. Putting the spin out that most rap is from a drug dealer's perspective, this is from the buyers point of view. Being down and out, taken to the brink of your jones and a need for mad cash, and for big dreams with a big buzz, while trying to keep your sanity all awhile. Now you might think you've heard this all before with acts like Kid Rock, Everlast, Ice T and Body Count, but don't dismiss Blestenation just yet. These cats are working with a completely different palette of a different paradigm. The opening cut, "We'll Die" is the first single and video from this project, and with good reason. It's a tight, hard and choppy-bated cut that just sucks you up quicker than a coke-head on the first line of the night. Only, no cocaine is needed to feel this adrenal rush, just a good set of ears, baby. The following fifteen tracks are a brutal look into the future of chaos and disorder. Just check-out the snap to "Witness," there's enough power there to fuel a small army and maintain. The acid-bubbling acoustic of "Blackout" combined with the more subtle approach to throwing down rhymes, plays out like some strange dream produced by an oracle in your head. "Simmer Down" is another breakthrough track that is taking hip-rock to a new inventive level. An esoteric agenda that is the derivative of great societal awakening that things are as bad as they appear, and that we better get our acts together, quick-like. A sick ride on a very demented carousel is the vibe taken from "They're Coming For You," which rolls adeptly into the tough taps of the sneaky "Make Way." There are so many factors of sound that have been incorporated in the NYC trio's collective effort that they leave for not one dull moment on MBugout City, and may just raise the barre for the cast of this hip-hop nation.

BOTTOM LINE: Bottom Line: This is the latest and greatest stuff popping on the underground. It's highly recommended you jump on this bandwagon on the ground floor-while it's still there- and ride it all the way to the top with the boyz of Blestenation. - Gigz Giger

RATING: 8/11

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MBugout City