Big B
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American Underdog
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1. To The Moon
2. Hot Woman
3. Criminal
4. F**cked In Vegas [Phone Message]
5. Life Lessons
6. Drink More
7. Sinner
8. Let It Rain
9. Supastar
10. Born 2 Ride
11. Trouble
12. Play These Cards
13. Money
14. Sunday
15. Tattooed Queen
16. Gotta Do
17. Let’s Go Play
18. Hi Dad [Phone Message]
19. In My City


   One thing you've got to love about Suburban Noize Records is they really promote artist development over sales, and these days is quite commendable. No guys in suits that dictate what they want through the third party A & R man. Which, can totally hinder the creative process. Just ask any act that's been dropped by a major label. That's why Sub Noize is the underground movement And, is a classic example with Big B's American Underdog. Big B's vocals are smoother than a vaporizer hit, and come across with the vibe like Bradley Nowell (Sublime, R.I.P.) did on his first record. This fun lovin' criminals rhymes are his life, and you get that sense with each track and the sentiment that is procured. Diversifying his musical base as well on AU, bringing together a great summertime release.

    Kottonmouth King's Daddy X sits in on the joint "Supastar" for a trip in that  good "high life." And, Johnny Richter (of the same KK fame) gets a good ol'e party song rollin' with "Drink More." Label CEO, Kevin Zinger's misadventure at The Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel intro's the track appropriately titled cut "Fucked In Vegas." A perspective of Vegas that the Caddy-lovin' rapper could only give. There's some great slide acoustic work in opening track "To The Moon."  There's also great acoustic work throughout this whole fourth set ( i. e. "Criminal," "Let It Rain" and "In My City"). While, "Gotta Do" got more old school beat tinge to the song. And, even though B cuts up on his rapping skills on this album, he proves himself wrong-time and time again. This track being a perfect example.

   Unwritten Law's frontman,  Scott Russo lays down some sunny-day-smiling acoustic, and contributes vocals on the heavy-hearted "Sinner." Frontman of (Hed) P.E. Jared Gomes checks in on the radically frenzy of a number, "Born 2 Ride." "Sunday" has got that aforementioned Sublime feel to it, with a little rasta-vibe thrown in. It's just one of those songs that will sound really nice at the beach on a nice sunny day. "Trouble" is configured with that old world mafia noir with big beats. Would be a great for The Sopranos movie soundtrack I hear they're making. Another cut that really stands out is "Tattooed Queen." The slow, down-and-dirty guitar work mixed with Big B's master slur is a song that would make a ride on a nice summer night feel so right.

BOTTOM LINE:  On his latest release American Underdog, Big B is a man on a mission with a total Las Vegas disposition. And means it! - Gigz Giger

RATING: 9/11

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American Underdog