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A Book About Xtian Metal? It Was Only A Matter Of Time...
March 27, 2010
Heavy Metal has long been associated with dark, evil and nefarious themes. Throughout its history, Metal has also been linked with rebellion and the questioning of authority. While the stigma has by and large been accurate in the past [and it still is and always will be accurate - Ed.], an underground movement has been gaining popularity over the last decade. Extreme Christian Musicians, they look and sound the same, but they are bringing a message of hope, faith, love and redemption to fans of the genre. There have long been fringe Christian Metal Bands with product available exclusively in Christian outlets and gift shops. For the first time Extreme Christian music has moved from the dusty back bins of the Christian Book Stores to the front racks at super retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target and Hot Topic. Everyday these bands are on the road traversing the country and taking their message and their brand of music to the masses hoping to make a difference. "Metal Missionaries" contains in depth interviews with over twenty groundbreaking Extreme Christian Artists from around the globe, including Becoming The Archetype, Corpus Christi , Grave Robber, Fearscape and many more.

Beginning April 1st 2010, "Metal Missionaries" will be available for digital download exclusively through Log onto to order and download your own personal copy.

What People are saying about "Metal Missionaries":

"Bruce Moore has taken on the arduous task of communicating with extreme Christian bands from all over the globe to assemble a very concise and informative book. Metal Missionaries dismantles some of the ignorance surrounding what is deemed "acceptable" to God in modern music and shows that God is so much more creative than any of us could begin to fathom. I have no doubt that this book will bless any true metal fan. May God continue to bless you as well, Bruce!" -Wretched, Grave Robber

"Although volumes could be written containing testimonies from Christian bands and their fans, Bruce Moore has captured the spirit of the movement in this wonderful book. In it you will find his heart, as well as the hearts of many Christian metal musicians as they convey the feelings and experiences of so many that have been involved in this exciting movement for the past few decades." - Pastor Bob Beeman, Sanctuary International

"It would be a gross denial to claim that Metal Missionaries is anything but a solid journalistic foray into the burgeoning Christian Metal movement. To my knowledge, no other book on the market so honestly and expansively presents this generally unreported phenomenon. Metal Missionaries is an enjoyable read, even for a blaspheming rabble-rouser of my notorious caliber. In Bruce Moore, "The Snake" once again loses a fine propagandist." - Dr. Ryan Bartek; author of "The Big Shiny Prison."

"Metal Missionaries is a smooth read and offers wonderful insight into a peculiar sect of metal, one which has experienced scrutiny and even contempt from both secular and religious communities alike. As a person immersed in the same music communities as Bruce, I still found myself learning many new things. This book is not only factual and informative, but also a fine example of why Bruce is such a pleasure to work with and know." - Chris Gonda, founder of PureGrainAudio.

For more information, visit:
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Becoming The Archetype Prepare To Release New Album
November 5, 2008
Atlanta, Georgia based christian metallers, Becoming The Archetype, will release their new album, 'Dichotomy', through Solid State Records on November 25th. This is the band’s third album and proclaimed as their most ambitious. The album features one of the most defining figures of technical metal, Devin Townsend (Lamb Of God, Bleeding Through) in the Producers chair as well as making a guest appearance. Also guesting is Ryan Clark, vocalist of label-mates (and fellow christian metallers) Demon Hunter.

Marrying the southern groove of swamp metal, keyboard flourishes from European metal, elements of Swedish death metal and progressive music, the band put their own stamp on the American metal scene.

As far reaching as their sound is, the concept of the album draws a great deal of inspiration from writer C.S. Lewis’s works including “The Hideous Strength,” “The Great Divorce” and “The Chronicles Of Narnia.” Jason Wisdom (lead vocals/bass) comments that “Lewis was a Christian writer who earned the respect of every reader and that’s what I wanted to do, to make a record that isn’t just the alternative to some secular metal band for Christians. We want to be the best metal band that’s out there, period.”

For more information on Becoming The Archetype, including tour dates and more, visit
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Arsis To Release New Album In October
August 7, 2006
Following the success of its debut album, 2004's 'A Celebration Of Guilt', and 2005's epic 'A Diamond For Disease', Arsis has returned with its brand new full-length, 'United In Regret' (formerly titled 'Lust Before The Maggots Conquest').

With 'United In Regret', Arsis has "once again raised the bar and breathed new life into the overpopulated and poser-infested world known as 'melodic death metal,' " according to a press release.

Recorded at Max Tax Studios (Skinless, Stigmata) in Albany, NY and Hairy Breakfast Productions (Misery Index) in Atlanta, GA with producer Eyal Levi (DAATH), 'United In Regret' contains nine tracks of Arsis' "strongest and most well-written material to date." The artwork will once again be handled by Mark Riddick. An October 24, 2006 release through Willowtip is expected.

In other news, Arsis has announced its participation in two upcoming tours alongside Becoming The Archetype, Ed Gein, and Dead To Fall. More information is available at
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Hell Freezes Over.. Again.
February 26, 2006
Becoming The Archetype will embark on the "Hell Freezes Over Tour" in May with Aletheian, Inked In Blood and Society's Finest. (Apparently noone told them the EAGLES already did that 10 years ago.)
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HOME TOWN: Atlanta, GA
Jason Wisdom (vocals/bass)
Jon Star (guitar)
Sean Cunningham (guitar)
Seth Hecox (guitar/keys)
Brent Duckett (drums)

Formed in the summer of 99 Becoming The Archetype is an experienced band with a uniquely mature sound and uncompromising passion for their beliefs. Their name says it all. According to Genesis 1:26, "God said, 'Let us make man in our image'". Since Jesus was the only person to ever live a sinless life, He is the ultimate archetype (or original design) of humanity. As a result, the life of a Christ follower is all about being conformed to the image of God or in other words; becoming the archetype. Hailing from Atlanta Georgia Solid State Records newest blood bring their relentless no-frills metal to the masses on August 30th 2005. Their debut album Terminate Damnation is sure to make you an instant believer. Hasnt it been too long since youve had guitar solos blast beats and grind vocals in your metal?! Blending elements of progressive metal thrash hardcore and death metal Becoming The Archetype is a breath of fresh air in a scene often ruled by watered down mediocre bands cut from the same metal-core mold. No matter where they go they continue to prove that they have everything it takes to be the future of the metal/hardcore industry. Dont be late on this boat. This is the metal band to keep your eyes on. For fans of Living Sacrifice Opeth and Unearth.