Beauty To Ashes
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Album Releases

Reproduce The Common Practice
Pre-Conversations With The Robot
July 17, 2004
Beauty To Ashes have finished pre-production for their new album Robotic Conversations. The band will enter the studio with producer Dan Maier (Please Mr. Grave Digger, No Knife) later this month to record the album. A release later this year through Pluto Records is expected.
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Beauty To Ashes Line Up New Vocalist
June 14, 2004
Beauty To Ashes have replaced vocalist Joel Von Steitz with Chris Lopez. The band released the following statement on the change:

"As a band, we came to the point where we needed to progress as musicians before going in and recording our new album, and we knew we would needed someone who had a artistic desire similar to ours and dedication to go along with it. Enter Chris Lopez, a great friend of ours for the past few years who is an incredible, diverse vocalist with a passion for singing unlike anyone we've ever seen... we are more than excited to have him become part of our band."

As a result of the change, the band's new album Robotic Conversations has had it's release date pushed back to September through Pluto Records.
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HOME TOWN: Riverside, CA
Alex Cabal (guitar)
Ryan Davis (guitar)
Joel Von Steitz (vocals)
Mike Villayicencio (bass)
Joseph Kasprzak (drums)

Starting in the winter of '99, these five Southern California natives have come to offer something creative to the ever-growing and innovative hardcore scene. Their style has been described as metal/punk influenced hardcore, although their influences are not limited to these specific genres. Always trying to out do themselves, they bring something fresh but at the same time something "old school" to the scene. Some have even called their style "the future of hard music". While that may be a great complement to the band, they just continue to write music that they love and that allows them to explore their musical boundaries. Not being held down by the negativity of the world today, they take joy in upholding integrity of their beliefs while still maintaining open mindedness towards other people's opinions. Their attitude has always been to stay true to themselves and the music that they love to play. These five individuals look forward to the hard work it will take to keep them on top of their game. And it's that kind of attitude that had established Beauty to Ashes as one of the most passionate and intense bands in the scene today. In their short existence, the band has been featured on over a dozen nationally distributed compilations in both the U.S. and Canada. Their first EP release entitled "In the Silence We Fight" (Vindicated Records) has drawn positive attention from many critics in the hardcore and punk scene. "Straight out honest opinion: I love this album and the type of hardcore they play. It's a brutal mix of Melodic singing with Metallic hardcore and traces of punk," says's main editor . They have also had feature articles in HM Magazine and Performer Magazine. Their main goal is to motivate people's lives and keep on playing music that they love. The band philosophy has always been, "If we can get people into our "politics" because they like our music that's great. And if we can get people into our music because they like our "politics" that's great too."