Bad Acid Trip
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Lynch The Weirdo
Beefy Video
August 19, 2004
Bad Acid Trip have posted the music video for their track "Beef Moo" online for viewing. Here are the links to check it out:

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Windows Media (56k)
(all speeds)
Quicktime (all speeds)

Bad Acid Trip will be playing a string of dates on Dillinger Escape Plan's upcoming tour, you can check the dates here.
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HOME TOWN: Hollywood, CA

Bad Acid Trip, An Experiment in Weirdness, has grown beyond the peetree dish & threatens to engulf the world in lunacy. In a garage in the San Fernando Valley, on a hot autumn morning in 1989, four grave digging lunatics picked up musical instruments and tried to make what they felt. The result was so incomprehensible that it struck mortal terror in all who were unlucky enough to be in the vacinity. The four freaks fled on foot from the garage and did not return for one year. After a year had passed, the seal that had been placed upon the door for protection was broken. The madness began anew. With much vigor & enthusiasm, not seen in many, these noise merchants began to infest the local scene. Like some sexually transmitted diseases they began popping up at local gigs. Perhaps it was the wild abandon with which they played or maybe it was just all the genital groping of the audience that began to draw others to them. The infection grew. In 1995 BAT began its metamorphosis from chaos to organized chaos. New members added new elements and the band saw itís first release. A one sided lo-fi live recording, 7 inch, made to help with support on their first tour up the west coast. Later the same year BAT recorded tracks at the Speed Semen Clove Factory in North Hollywood under the guidance of Michael Rozon. These recordings would later become their first full 7-inch entitled Remember. As well as supply music for a split with the band Laceration. Released in 1996 by the label Agitate 96, which was run by longtime friend of the band Richard Ramos. The record was quickly sold and remains a much sought after prize for collectors worldwide. Despite a constant changing of members, they continued to play gigs locally and up and down the coast of California. The infection spread. Having developed a false sense of security toward their musical abilities, the band decided it was time to return to the studio. In 1997, on Keithís birthday, the T-4 recordings came into being. Recorded in Simi Valley, by Shannon who had the foresight to realize that chicks'll dig it, these recordings would go on to supply the music for a split 7 inch with the legendary band Agathocles as well as a split with Chicago Thrash Fiends, Kung-Fu Rick. Even a few comp tracks were squeezed out. In 1999 BAT released a split 7-inch with northern grinders, and ultra nice guys, Benumb. A particular piece of brutality, this one, for it bore witness to the brief addition of furious mechanical terrorism from Phil of Sepsism. Later the same year with yet more changes in the line up, BAT took their act on the road for a tour of the U.S. The result? Rumors surfaced of fear and loathing, of giant devil horns possessing record stores in Florida, of a fine insulting experience in Boston, of freaks in NY, and of Chicago thrown into a blackout. The infection spread. Later the same year the world was treated to the first full length from the band, For the Weird By the Weird. It was originally released out of Germany by Regurgitated Semen Records and later picked up for U.S. release by Serjical Strike Records. These recordings were of a frenzied kinetic energy and were only held back by poor production. It would be the last new material to come out for two years. Deciding to concentrate more on live shows with ever increasing silliness and bizarre stage antics, the band continued playing any scene it could infiltrate. They also began conducting covert operations and terrorized nearby states like Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. In 2002, under the influence of mutation, the band released the spit 7-inch with Municipal Waste. A savage and immoral piece by both bands that deals with the perils of humanity and the actor, Kurt Russell, respectively. Seeking to ascertain a Shaolin type of balance between intensity and absurdity, Bad Acid Trip have committed to a new full length for Serjical Strike by years end. A call to freaks and geeks out there, you are not alone and you now have a voice. Come smell the poo!!!!!!!!!