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HOME TOWN: Hacienda Heights, CA
Julian - Guitar
Martin - Vocals
David - Guitar
James - Bass
Mike - Drums

Azusa is a 5 piece Metalcore band that is making a huge impact on the music scene wherever they go. Officially established late 2005, Azusa has gone through changes in musical genres and received positive feedback in the direction they are heading. With their first Demo finished June 2006, Azusa quickly grew with a booming fanbase, positive response from reviewers and has been compared with Metalcore pioneers As I Lay Dying and Darkest Hour.

 Julian Largado is quickly making a name for himself in the Metalcore industry for his swift, creative riffs that makes the crowd pause to indulge before moshing. David Pugo is known for his antics on stage, becoming heavily involved with the crowd while bringing intense melodic licks that contrasts Largado’s musical style of playing. Beats are laid down heavily by Michael Garcia who has established himself with innovative breakdowns complimented by explosive and destructive fills. Vocalist Martin Ricafort has been compared with the infamous John Henry of Darkest Hour and his stage presence and lyrics prove to be superior of bands established in the music scene today. Contrasting the screams are harmonious hooks from bassist James Lee, providing for a contrast that differentiates and expands its appeal to even broader musical horizons.

Azusa is quickly making a name for themselves in Southern California and will definitely be leading the Metalcore scene in the near future.