Awaken The Alchemist
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Album Releases

Ryan - Vocals
Trenton - Guitar
Mike - Guitar
Travis - Bass
Travis - Drums

For fans who were already familiar with them in their previous incarnation as well as those who weren't, the band previously known as Aphotic Murder has now become Awaken The Alchemist. The band also recently finished recording a brand new EP and decided to release it online for free download in late January 2010. In conjuction with the release of the free EP, the band issued the following statement via their Official Myspace page:

So as everyone knows, we just recorded a two-song E.P. Called Demise. instead of being assholes and trying to make a few bucks, we figured that we might as well just post a download link and everyone can have them. WE ONLY ASK A FEW SMALL THINGS!!

A. Bump that shit as loud as possible
B. Help spread the word.

Were not making a DIME by doing this, and recording isn't free, so at least get a banner, a song on the myspace, or show someone the shit on your i pizzle. Thats about it... not too hard to get free songs if you ask me. Any help we really appreciate, and really do number B and help spread the word!!!

The 'Demise' EP can be Downloaded at the following locations: