As You Drown
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Album Releases

Henrik Blomqvist - Vocals
Mikael Akerstrom - Guitars
Simon Exner - Guitars
Martin Latvala - Drums
Robert Karlsson - Bass

As You Drown’s goal as a band is to combine the speed and brutality of the modern death metal scene with the atmosphere and catchy songwriting of its old-school predecessor. The band cites a number of outside influences and the result is an always raging, yet perpetually changing, storm of anger, brutality and finesse. Their debut album, Reflection, will appeal to fans of Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse & Behemoth as much as it does to fans of Job for a Cowboy, Suicide Silence & Whitechapel.

As You Drown was formed in Borås, Sweden in the winter of 2003/2004 when the average age of the band was only 17 years old and under the name, Ethereal. The band then consisted of Mikael Åkerström (g/v), Simon Exner (g), Martin Latvala (dr) and Alexander Persson (b). Two demos were recorded between 2003-2005, mainly for the fans and for the band's own amusement. Both demos received great response from their fans and they played numerous local gigs, including supporting slots for Entombed and Vader.

In mid 2005, Mikael decided to step down from his vocal duties in order to focus on the guitar, and long time friend Christopher Ranåsen was recruited as the new vocalist. During the same time period, Alexander left the band due to studies in Japan, and Ethereal once again welcomed a new member; Robert Karlsson. They then focused on a new, self produced demo in 2007 to send out to magazines, webzines and record labels. Demo 2007 made a lot of noise in the underground scene and received promising reviews from various webzines and magazines such as METAL HAMMER. It wasn’t long until British label Hellbent Records contacted the band and offered a place on their compilation CD, Worlds Collide. It was released worldwide digitally in April 2008.

In early 2008, Ethereal was ready to record their debut album, and since the recording of the latest self-produced demo went beyond expectations, they decided to build their own recording studio. They also announced the departure of vocalist, Christopher. In just 4 days over 20 auditions were mailed in, but the band already had their minds on ex-Shadowbuilder vocalist, Henrik Blomqvist. His aggressive, brutal and organic vocal approach combined with his stage presence was exactly what the band needed. With the line-up finally complete, the band decided it was time for a name change.
And so, the beast known as As You Drown was born and ready to record its long awaited debut album! Reflection was produced in the AYD Studio and mixed/mastered at Studio Mega by Christian Silver (The Crown, Sonic Syndicate, Impious).