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Jeff Harber (vocals)
Drew DeHaven (guitar)
Jayce Basques (bass)
Will Peng (drums)

It isnít uncommon for fans of rock music to dream about being in a band. It isnít even unusual for them to start one, record their own demos and play every local show that will have them. It is however, extremely uncommon for them to actually get a shot at making a career of it. Yet, for Burlingame, Californiaís APHASIA, this is exactly the opportunity that is staring them in the face. Despite the early tumultuous relationship between Drew and Jayce which consisted of schoolyard squabbles in the 3rd grade, the duo reunited in the 5th grade and became friends with Jeff in the 7th. They found a common bond in music and set up shop in the tiny attic in Jeffís house along with another childhood friend who eventually was replaced by Will when he moved out of state. The band played their hearts out for months without any sense of identity. It was consistent practice along with paying attention to song structures and layers of other groups they admired that proved they could be challenged technically in the writing and performance of a song while simultaneously finding a sense of harmony and balance. The more and more they played, the more the songs formed what has ultimately become the signature sound of Aphasia. The groups sound is a result of a band comprised of well rounded musicians. The four band members, now ranging in age from 18-20, are all musical in their own right. Each member began studying at a very young age and the list of instruments and talents stretches way beyond their individual roles in Aphasia. This combined with the lengthy friendships between them makes for a unique songwriting process in which the boundary lines are blurred. Front man Jeff who started out playing guitar talks about the song writing process, ďThe song parts donít necessarily come from the eventual player since we all can play each otherís instruments. Will may bring in a harmony or I may write a guitar part. Every song has a different personality coming out of each instrument. Because we have been friends for so long, there is no concern with stepping on each others toes. It brings uniqueness to every track.Ē As seasoned in music as the band may be, they are still relatively young in comparison to the majority of their musical peers. Although the lyrical content of the songs seems to stem from a deeply personal place with the thoughts and feelings of an emotional adolescent, the music behind it lends an uplifting and energetic balance. Aphasia writes edgy alternative rock with lyrics deeply rooted in metaphor, yet broad enough to create a connection with fans of all ages. They are just as comfortable playing a lunchtime gig at the local high school, as they are opening for a major label platinum act in front of thousands of concertgoers. Since the band developed their own sound and started to play shows around their hometown, their fan base started to grow. In late 2003, Aphasia had come to the point where they were faced with the crucial decision of continuing their musical partnership or going their separate paths in pursuit of college and different careers. Will was in high school and Jeff, Drew and Jayce were already at college. They all made the collective life changing choice to leave school and focus on music as a full time career. This turned out to be a fortuitous decision as their music caught the ear of Chris Brown (Trapt) who quickly signed them to his new label, Joint Venture Recordings. In January 2004, the band recorded 3 new songs in Los Angeles and began the process of realizing their musical aspirations. They now have over 20 songs in their arsenal and will be recording a full length album in the coming months.