An Irony Massacre
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HOME TOWN: Atlanta, Georgia
Kyle - Guitar
Justin - Vocals
Chris - Bass
Fab - Drums
Ryan - Guitar

It's no secret; the market is saturated with copycat bands. An Irony Massacre has never claimed or sought to be the best of them. We have never aimed to duplicate any formula, follow any trend, or to look a certain way. Since we formed in 2003 our goal has remained simple: Strain the pride and clichès from our music, write the best songs we can, and be ourselves. Because of that, we have become the best at what WE do. No matter where you see us play, be it for dozens or hundreds, what you will see everytime is us, not an act, but us remaining true to ourselves.

People throughout the South-East have come to know, respect and welcome that from us. We've built an outstanding reputation for our live performances: Consistently tight, consistently energetic, consistently powerful, and consistently honest. With honesty comes respect for what we play and how we play it. We don't have it in us to fake it and everyone who comes to see us play or listens to our music can feel that in every scream, chord and beat we play. In the process of remaining true to ourselves and our goals, we hope we are making music that people can get into as much as we can.

And our best is yet to come. With the solidfied line up of Kyle Mazlik (guitar) Justin Mazlik (microphone), Ryan Shea (guitar) Chris Shannon (bass) and Fabrizio Villa (drums) the future will bring with it the best embodiment of the band's ideas, our best songs, our best live shows, and what promises to be our greatest level of success.