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Album Releases

God Has A Plan For Us All
Sarah Jezebel Deva : vocals/lyrics
Chris Rehn : Guitars/Keyboards/Programming/Composer
Tommy Rehn : Guitars/Keyboards/Programming/Composer
Dave Pybus : Bass
John Henriksson : Drums

The story begins
... in November 2001 when singer Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle Of Filth, Therion, Mortiis etc), and composer Chris Rehn (Abyssos) met each other on tour. Since life on the road means spending a lot of time with everyone concerned, their freindship grew quickly as the tour proceeded.

Conversations about music were not far at hand, and as time went by the two realized that they both had similar ideas and visions about music, and both of them had similar ideas about doing a purely orchestral project, in the vein of movie soundtrack/film score music. Due to this they decided to start working together.

A couple of months after the tour ended, Sarah visited Chris in his hometown Sundsvall, Sweden to in depth discuss the direction and atmosphere of the project. In late January 2002 Chris began composing the songs.

In November 2002 Sarah went back to visit Chris once again. This time the songs were composed and it was time to enter the studio to record the material. At Virtual Symphony Studios, owned and operated by his brother and producer Tommy Rehn (Moahni Moahna), they recorded an unofficial demo intended for record labels only.

In association with MtGrave Art and Graphics they produced a limited edition exclusive dvd box packaging for the demo to send out to record labels.

They got nothing but great respons for their demo all around the world, but finding the right record label interested in investing in them turned out to be very difficult since all their combined connections lay within the metal scene. They had to search from outside their connections in to for them unknown territory, which made the task very difficult.

Chris and Sarah started talking about forming a band together. A band that would be in the same orchestral movie score atmosphere, but more focused towards metal and with a proper line up to be able to tour. So the two decided to start working on that project along side with their orchestral project.

Chris wrote the songs and Sarah wrote the lyrics for a new demo. Chris recorded the songs once again at Virtual Symphony Studios, this time in association with his brother Tommy, and in early july 2004 Sarah went back to Sweden to record the vocals. During the recording Chris asked his brother Tommy to join the band, and Angtoria was born..

They sent out demos to record labels and press, and interest for the new formed band grew quickly resulting in several top rated reviews, awards and interviews for magazines all over the world. In July 2005 they signed an exclusive management deal with Fortress Music And Artist Development to represent Angtoria in their search for a record deal.

In november 2005, as a result of their partnership with Fortress Music And Artist Management, they signed a record deal with french renouned metal label Listenable Records, and their journey with Angtoria has just begun...