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Of Lucifer And Lightning

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Angelcorpse Announce Album Release Date, Tour
April 5, 2007
Osmose USA/The End Records have set the release date of June 26th, 2007 for the highly-anticipated new album from Angelcorpse titled ‘Of Lucifer and Lightning'.

Of Lucifer and Lightning’ finds the Florida-based death metal regime reunited for their first full-length release since 1999’s ‘The Inexorable'. The new album - a bombastic and ferocious outing from beginning to end - has Angelcorpse once again leading the charge of brutality in 2007.

About the release of the new album and upcoming live tour dates, bassist/singer Pete Helmkamp says, “All hail the banners of Antichrist Vanguard! Angelcorpse is pleased to be unleashed once again with our new album ‘Of Lucifer and Lightning'. We can promise unrelenting savagery, stark discipline and total warfare. Witness the US East Coast assaults with Watain and Nachtmystium - join us in the carnage!”

"Antichrist Vanguard 2007" Tour Dates:
Angelcorpse w/ Watain, Nachtmystium

May 09 - Station 4 - Minneapolis, MN (w/ Teratism, Kommandant)
May 10 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL (w/ Cianide, Kommandant)
May 11 - Peabodies - Cleveland, OH (w/ Celtic Frost, Decrepit)
May 12 - Northstar - Philadelphia, PA (w/ March Into The Sea)
May 13 - Middle East - Cambridge (w/ Witch Tomb, Cold Northern Vengeance)
May 14 - B.B. King Blue Club & Grill - NY, NY, BB Kings (w/ Dimentianon)
May 16 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA (w/ Negative Plane, Gravewurm)
May 17 - Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC (w/ Negative Plane, Gravewurm)
May 18 - Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA (w/ Negative Plane, Gravewurm)
May 19 - Brass Mug - Tampa, FL (w/ Negative Plane, Gravewurm)
May 20 - The Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (w/ Negative Plane, Gravewurm)
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HOME TOWN: Tampa, Florida
Gene Palubicki - guitars
Pete Helmkamp - bass/vocals
John Longstreth - drums

Angelcorpse formed in early 1995 after Pete Helmkamp's first band Order From Chaos split. Gene Palubicki and Helmkamp joined forces, began writing material, and after acquiring Longstreth in early 96, recorded the "Goats To Azazael" demo. Within two weeks the band signed to Osmose Productions (France) and began writing material that would become their debut CD "Hammer of Gods" release later that year in conjuction with a European tour in support of Impaled Nazarene (that featured Bill Taylor on guitar). The "Nuclear Hell" live EP and "Wolflust" were recorded during the next year, and material was written for the second full length album "Exterminate", recorded in late 97. In early 98 Tony Laureano replaced Longstreth on drums. This year would prove to be a busy one for the band. In the spring, Angelcorpse played The No Mercy Festivals in Europe, and then a full European tour in support of Immortal. That summer, a grueling 9 week US tour in support of Cannibal Corpse allowed the band to properly assualt their home ground. In early winter of 99, Angelcorpse again hit the road alongside Incantation and Krisiun for a second tour of the States. Meanwhile, various cover tracks were recorded over the course of the summer, as well as the fine tuning off material for the third album "The Inexorable". A split EP with Martire was also recorded at this time. "The Inexorable" was released in mid 99 and this time Angelcorpse had proper distribution in the US with Olympic Recordings. A major European tour in support of Marduk, as well as some large festival shows finished up the year, and a US tour was embarked upon in spring 00 alongside Satyricon, Immortal and Krisiun. This was to be the band's last. After a van accident one week into the tour, Helmkamp badly injured his left foot and ankle, but vowed to continue. Angelcorpse only had to cancel one show. However, two weeks later other pressing personal reasons forced Helmkamp off the road for good. Alex Camargo stepped in on vocal duties for the remaining week of shows, and upon everyone returning back home, Helmkamp quit the band. Although having been given the choice to continue without him, Angelcorpse opted to split. Seven years later .. Helmkamp and Palubicki have been hard at work on material for nearly two years now, and after enlisting the services of original drummer Longstreth, recorded the fourth full length album "Of Lucifer and Lightning".