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HOME TOWN: Nashville, TN
Adam Settle - Vocals
Dale Hammond - Guitar
Carson Plunkett - Guitar
Dusty Boles - Drums

Breaking away from the usual and unoriginal sound of songs being layered with breakdowns and two steps, ANASTASHIA focused more on the technicality and precision of their music. Some compare the sound of the band to Animosity, The Faceless, and Dying Fetus. Bringing their own influences from each of their musical backgrounds, ANASTASHIA is revolutionizing and progressing the sound of metal as it sounds today.

Getting things done very quickly, ANASTASHIA are surely making a name for themselves in the metal music scene and community by playing with bands such as :Dead To Fall, Suicide Silence, Winds Of Plague and Despised Icon just to name a few. "We are simply doing this to reach out to the people who will one day run this country and those are the people nowadays who are the most open - minded and easy to reach, just read our lyrics. I feel like we have new progression every day as we sit down and all put our knowledge together " says guitarist, Dale Hammond. ANASTASHIA are about to hit the road touring in the summer of 2008 and are currently taking some time off for recording the 6 song ep due out sometime in March in 2008, which they will be also be promoting for.