Amazing Device
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Album Releases

The Quiet Room
Aaron Wilson (vocals)
James Fleischmann (bass)
Colin Schiller (drums)
Josh Chapman (guitar)

Josh Chapman, James Fleischmann and Colin Schiller have been writing and performing music together since 1994 when they started their first band, Ancient Chinese Secret. After a few years of success in the NYC club circuit, the decision was made to part ways with their lead singer and go in a different musical direction. The long, hard search for a new frontman began. Around the same time Aaron Wilson (born in Hawaii and raised in Columbus, Ohio) had moved to NYC with the dream of starting the ultimate rock band. His previous band 616 Undone had been hailed the local heroes of Columbus, but Aaron was looking to do something different as well. He has been in New York for just two months when he hooked up with the rest of the band through a mutual friend. The chemistry was immediately apparent and Amazing Device (at that time "Further") was born. Since their formation in the Spring of 1999, Amazing Device has attracted legions of loyal fans from all over the world with their recordings and dynamic live performances. They have a street team of over 100 dedicated members and have maintained an active website that is currently up to 45,000 hits and growing rapidly. Amazing Device had the opportunity to play live on the Farmclub television show that aired on the USA network in January of 2002. They have played venues in New York City, Long Island, Chicago, Philidelphia and Connecticut. Amazing Device has just been added as an opening act for David Lee Roths summer tour starting in July for several dates in the mid-west. They have been the featured band on many websites (including and continue to develop a strong following and internet presence. Their music has been heard on several college radio stations as well as 92.3 K-ROCK's The Buzz. Matt Pinfield chose them as a band to watch, in his Playboy magazine interview where he described them as "a smart band with a very intense lead singer. Their demo is incredible!" Amazing Device's full length release "The Quiet Room" will be available for purchase on their website in July of 2003.