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Album Releases

Blue Book Value
HOME TOWN: Minneapolis, MN
Matt Payne (guitar)
Matt Roesch (drums)
Jeremy Jessen (vocals)
John McEwen (bass)

Charging forth from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN, rock outfit, Align have been spreading their brand of melody powered, post-hardcore influenced music for the better part of 5 years. The band was formed by childhood friends, Matt Payne (guitar) and Matt Roesch (drums) in the summer of 1996. After a few songwriting and practice sessions spread out through 96 and 97 during school breaks, the group was finalized with Jeremy Jessen (vocals) and John McEwen (bass) in the October of 1997. Align spent the next 6 months recording demos, playing a few local and regional shows appearing with known indie commodities such as Avail, Bloodlet and The Promise Ring. The group worked on developing a sound that drew from post-hardcore influences Helmet, Quicksand and an array of other punk, indie and metal influences that the band’s members looked up to. July of 1998 saw Align release their first EP, “Down River”. The CD sold out of its pressing of 1000 in a little over a year, during which the band toured the Midwest and west coast, booked by themselves and appearing with indie veterans Gameface and Elliot. The band continued touring the Midwest in early 99 and booked a 3 week US tour in the summer of 99 that even took them into Western Canada for a few shows. This jaunt saw them appear with Gameface, Error Type:11 and Boy Sets Fire to name a few. October of 1999 brought the release of Align’s 2nd EP, “Sing.Rock.Rhythm.Beats” on Sun.Sea.Sky Productions, a small indie out of Wisconsin. Once again the band followed the release with an immediate Midwestern tour. SRRB has neared the 2000 sales mark with limited Midwestern distribution. After a short mini-tour to the east coast and appearances with Error Type:11 and E-Town Concrete, and an eventual appearance at CMJ 2000, the band signed a deal with NYC’s Iguana Records and recorded their first full length release, “Some Breaking News” in November of 2000. The record was engineered by Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, C.O.C., Jerry Cantrell) with technical assistance from one of the band’s heroes, John Stanier of Helmet fame. The record was released in April of 2001 and the band headed out on a grueling 6 week tour of the US, once again booked completely by themselves. During the “Breaking News Tour” Align appeared with friends Gameface, Farside, Sparechange00 and Shogun on various dates. Align parted ways with Iguana records in early 2002 after selling more than 2000 of “Some Breaking News” between soundscans and untracked sales. The band has recorded a new demo and is currently shopping to indies and majors and has tentatively planned on recording a new record in March of 2003, once again with John Stanier (Helmet, Tomahawk). It is the strongest and most mature material to date and good things lie ahead.2002 has seen the band continue to play anywhere and everywhere around the Midwest without the support of booking representation appearing with everyone from Glassjaw and Dishwalla to local pals Houston, Self-Evident, Sunset Black and Redoverlunar. The four members of the band are like brothers after 5 years of recording and touring, that have been, for the most part, without the help of the industry. There are no gimmicks, there is no particular look or fashion and there is no obvious genre for Align. There are just the boys in Align, their songs and their words; and that’s how they want it.