Albert React
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Album Releases

Confluence & Scrapes
HOME TOWN: Lancaster, PA
Gabe Libhart (vocals)
Justin Weaver (guitar)
Matthew Brubaker (drums)
Andrew Alburn (guitar)
Sebastian Anti (bass)

Albert React has existed since 2001. Through three years its various members have matured and progressed into a band unafraid to mold sounds together to create their own distinct and unique flavor of rock. Their debut LP, Confluence & Scrapes, was released in November, 2003. The album displays the band’s ability to “seamlessly blend good songwriting and explosive energy” (Ray Harkins, Taken). That energy found on Confluence & Scrapes is conducive to a dynamic and exciting live show. If you have seen the band play, you know that they do not let their listeners down with their live performances. Absolute Punk writes about the band: “Barring a really weird personal preference, you’re not going to find a better vocalist in the screamo genre. The rhythm section of Albert React is second to none, also. You’ve never heard bass lines so slick from such a seemingly straightforward band” ( Bands like Albert React remind us that the various subcategories of the rock genre can be blurred together. Jay Barbarich writes of the album, “There is a real range with this band. They mix heavier songs with softer songs on the same album, and do it quite nicely” ( When you listen to Confluence & Scrapes in its entirety, you realize that this band really doesn’t fit any specific mold. If you’re interested in listening to music made by musicians who are focused on songwriting and the moods of their sound, look into Albert React.