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AKissForJersey To Launch Exclusive T-shirt Through Hot Topic
November 5, 2008
North Carolina christian screamo rockers, AKissForJersey, are set to launch an exclusive T-Shirt at Hot Topic starting at the end of the week. “The Robot Tee” was designed by John Walton at Black Canvas Studios, and will be available at the following Hot Topic locations:

Carolina Place - Pineville, NC
Hanes Mall - Winston, NC
Concord Mills - Concord, NC
Valley Hills Mall - Hickory, NC
Valley View Mall - Roanoke, VA
Streets At Southpoint - Durham, NC
Carolina Mall - Concord, NC
Northlake Mall - Charlotte, NC
Four Seasons Town Center - Greensboro, NC
Eastridge Mall - Gastonia, NC
Piedmont Mall - Danville, VA
New River Valley Mall - Lynchburg, VA

AKissForJersey are currently working on new material and have plans for a new music video shortly. For more information and updates, visit their myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/akissforjersey.
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Akissforjersey Drops Off The 'One Moment' Tour
October 20, 2008
Due to a blown motor in their tour van, Tragic Hero Records’ melodic christcore band AKissforJersey has been forced to drop off of the One Moment Tour. Singer Zach Dawson commented, “We were Just about to the venue when we started hearing a loud popping noise in the engine. As soon as we were coming to the end of a Toll road we lost all power and at that point we had to jump out and push it into a toll booth employee parking lot. We called up a junk man and he came and towed it off. We are left with no form of transportation and unfortunately do not have enough cash to acquire an alternate vehicle, which means we will not be able to make it out to the One Moment tour.”

“It’s very saddening being that we were very much excited to get out on the road and see all of our friends and fans and to be support for our wonderful friends in Before Their Eyes. If you are willing to help we have a donation account through pay pal set up on our myspace that you can donate.” Dawson continued. They will be replaced on the One Moment tour by I See Stars (Sumerian Records). AKissforJersey still has big things on the horizon including new material, a new music video, and new shirts available in Hot Topic. To get more news on the band, hear new material, or donate to the band to purchase a new van, please visit their myspace site here: http://www.myspace.com/akissforjersey.
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HOME TOWN: Pilot Mountain, NC
Zach Dawson - Vocals
Cory Wood - Guitars/Vocals
Joey Allen -Drums
Tyler Lucas - Bass/Vocals
Matt Bean - Guitar

With their colliding musical stylings, and experimental vocals, AKISSFORJERSEY doesn’t seek to stand out of the crowd; they tower above it. In the same vain as such progressive artists as THE MARS VOLTA, AKISSFORJERSEY pulls two completely different aspects of music together to make one complete genre of its own. The band’s music lulls the listener into a carefree utopia one moment only to pull them to the ground with the brutal screams perfectly injected into their melodious songs. Since their formation in July 2004, the band has taken North Carolina by storm, leaving only dust in the wind, while stepping to the forefront of the highly popular Christian-Hardcore scene. Keep Your Head Above Water, the debut full length from AKISSFORJERSEY proves that the band never disappoints. The album hits hard with crunching breakdowns, accompanied by the voices of angels singing. One of the main focuses for AKISSFORJERSEY is to be able to share their faith in Jesus Christ and his love and forgiveness. The band has certainly held strong to their faith thus far in their musical journey and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

Following up their previous independent release Keep Your Head Above the Water, AKISSFORJERSEY brings about VICTIMS. An album that will not hold back. The definitive experimental Christian Rock record of the year is here.