A Jealousy Issue
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If The Flames Dont Kill Us...We Will
The Jealousy Returns
January 28, 2006
After a hiatus, A Jealousy Issue have returned with original vocalist Duane Hosein back in the band. The band will now have two vocalists, with current singer Roger Ellison staying with the band. Currently the band is writing material for their upcoming new album, which will be released later this year through Indianola Records.
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HOME TOWN: Coral Springs, FL
Duane Jealousy (vocals)
Frank Jealousy (bass)
Dave Jealousy (guitar)
Chris Jealousy (guitar)

This melodic metalcore band hails from South Florida. They recorded their five song Indianola debut EP with Jeremy Staska (Poison the Well, Until the End) at Studio 13, and it sounds incredible! "Somebody Shoot Me I Think I'm In Love" is most definitely a hardcore album and brings to mind a crowded show, with the entire room opening up with flailing arms and scissor kicks. AJI have the ability to make something from nothing and thus bypassing the predictive and anticipatory build ups you experience with many of today's bands. A Jealousy Issue are to the point and head straight for the jugular.