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AFI To Tour With Green Day
March 25, 2010

In a double bill that is sure to set any punk rocker's heart aflame, AFI and Green Day have announced they will hit the road together for a late summer tour beginning August 3rd. The tour will mark another piece of joint history for the two iconic bands who both got their starts in the Nor Cal scene. While both bands have come a long way from their Gilman days the tour will give fans the chance to experience an epic night of music rooted in the East Bay.

has been touring tirelessly in support of their recent release, 'Crash Love', and will also be headlining Bamboozle Left this coming Saturday, March 27th, in Anaheim, California. For fans who can't make it to Bamboozle, check out AFI's tourdates with Green Day below and keep checking as new dates will be added soon.

w/ Green Day:
8/03 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center
8/05 - Buffalo, NY - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
8/09 - Alpharetta, GA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
8/11 - Washington, DC - Jiffy Lube Live
8/12 - Hartford, CT - Comcast Theater
8/14 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC
8/16 - Boston, MA - Comcast Center
8/18 - Toronto, ONT - Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
8/23 - Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Music Theater
8/26 - Dallas, TX - Center
8/28 - Denver, CO - Comfort Dental Amphitheater
8/30 - Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Wireless Pavilion
8/31 - Los Angeles, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
9/02 - Chula Vista, CA - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

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AFI Live Chat Today At 4pm!
February 11, 2010
AFI (A Fire Inside) will world debut the "Making of Beautiful Thieves," a behind the scenes look at the "Beautiful Thieves" video shoot and conduct their first ever live streaming video chat today, February 11th, at 7PM EST / 4PM PST.

The entire band - Davey, Jade, Hunter and Adam - will be answering fans questions live via facebook and twitter. Fans will be able to watch the chat go down on the band's facebook page as well as on

Get your AFI questions ready and join the growing viewing audience by RSVPing here.
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AFI To Launch 'In Transmission' Series
December 7, 2009
Find out everything and anything you ever wanted to know about 'Crash Love'. Who better to tell you than AFI themselves?

Watch the In Transmission web series exclusively on Premiering December 10th at 4:00 pm PST.
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Behind The Scenes With AFI
November 23, 2009
Join Davey, Jade, Adam and Hunter, collectively known as AFI, as they take you behind the scenes of their video for "Medicate" in this newly released making of video clip. Full of performance, gold blood, humor, voyeurism, and pie filling this short video allows fans a chance to catch the rock quartet at their best, and at times most vulnerable while laid out on the soundstage floor.

The full music video, directed by Paul Minor, can currently be seen on YouTube.

'Crash Love'
, featuring "Medicate" is available in stores and at digital retailers now.
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AFI Announce Tour Dates, Reveal Torch Song Demo
November 9, 2009
On the heels of the release of their new album, 'Crash Love', perennial rockers AFI have announced a new string of tour dates, taking them throughout the West in January. Fans who have checked out the band's East Coast dates have been treated night after night with a mix of old and new songs spanning AFI's massive eight album catalog. Included as a staple each night is 'Crash Love' and live-set opener "Torch Song," which AFI recently released an exclusive demo of via Google's La La music platform.

Also new from AFI will be a release of a 5 song pack on Rock Band which will be available 11/17. The downloadable addition to the game will include "Love Like Winter," "The Leaving Song Pt. II," and 'Crash Love' favorites "Beautiful Thieves," "End Transmission" and "Medicate."

Tour Dates:
11/09 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore
11/10 - Toronto, ONT, Canada - Sound Academy
11/12 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
11/13 - New York City, NY - Roseland Ballroom
11/15 - North Myrtle Beach, SC - House of Blues
11/16 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
11/18 - West Palm Beach, FL - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre
11/19 - Lake Bueuna Vista, FL - House of Blues
11/21 - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theater
11/22 - Austin, TX - Stubbs
12/04 - Dallas, TX - Nokia Theatre
12/06 - Denver, CO - Magness Arena
12/08 - Salt Lake City, UT - In The Venue
12/11 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena
12/13 - San Diego, CA - Viejas Arena
12/15 - Winnepeg, MB Canada - Winnipeg Convention Center
12/16 - Saskatoon, SK, Canada - Prairieland Park
12/18 - Edmonton, AB, Canada - Shaw Conference Center
12/19 - Calgary, AB Canada - Big Four Building
12/21 - Victoria, BC, Canada - Save On Foods Centre
01/16 - Reno, NV - Knitting Factory
01/18 - Boise, ID - The Big Easy
01/19 - Missoula, MT - Wilma Theater
01/21 - Spokane, WA - The Big Easy
01/22 - Seattle, WA - Showbox SoDo
01/24 - Vancouver, BC - The Commodore
01/25 - Portland, OR - Roseland
01/27 - Fresno, CA - Rainbow Ballroom
01/30 - Tempe, AZ - The Marque
01/31 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
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Davey Havok (vocals)
Jade Puget (guitar)
Hunter (bass)
Adam Carson (drums)

"I flee to decemberunderground. As you exhale, I breathe in the water underground and I'll grow pale without you" - "The Interview," AFI"DECEMBERUNDERGROUND is a time and a place. It is where the cold can huddle together in darkness and isolation. It is a community of those detached and disillusioned who flee to love, like winter, in the recesses below the rest of the world."-Davey HavokDECEMBERUNDERGROUND is also the title of AFI's seventh album. And like much of the record's lyrical and visual imagery, it seems to stand in stark contrast to the name behind the band's world-renowned moniker: A Fire Inside. Then again, the brightest flames burn white-they just don't burn bright for long�The documented origins of AFI stretch back to 1991 when Ukiah, California, teens Davey Havok and Adam Carson formed the band and released a debut split 7" the following year with fellow Ukiah High students Loose Change (whose lineup at the time featured future AFI guitarist Jade Puget) titled� um� Dork (hey, they were in high school). A handful of singles, EPs, compilation tracks and the early albums Answer That and Stay Fashionable (Wingnut, 1995) and Very Proud of Ya (Nitro, 1996) followed in that youthfully exuberant, sometime sophomoric East bay hardcore/punk mode, as early incarnations of AFI hit the road and began to cultivate a worldwide following.The earliest hints of AFI's move in a more diverse, mature direction appeared on their third album and first to feature current bassist Hunter (ex-the Force), Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes (Nitro, 1997) and the subsequent A Fire Inside EP (Adeline, 1998). It would be one more year, however, before the present AFI lineup would click with the addition of Jade Puget (ex-Redemption 87) and the release of fourth album Black Sails in the Sunset and the All Hallows EP (both Nitro, 1999). Another year later, The Art of Drowning (Nitro, 2000) would find that AFI signature sound received by a rabid audience by then numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Yet more new AFI disciples would come into the fold as that record's "Days of the Phoenix" somehow found its way onto modern rock radio playlists.AFI would make the decision to brave major label waters soon thereafter, releasing sixth album Sing the Sorrow on Dreamworks in 2003. Another ambitious leap forward for the Ukiah foursome, Sing the Sorrow was co-produced by Jerry Finn (Green Day, Blink 182) and Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins), and expanded the AFI palette in all directions: "Girl's Not Grey" would be the band's single most infectious "pop" moment to date, while "Death of Seasons" incorporated lockstep industrial rhythms and mournful choruses before dissolving into a cacophony of screaming anguish. Elsewhere on the record, "The Leaving Song Pt. II" and "Dancing Through Sunday" showed that the familiar AFI chant-along choruses were as fierce and frantic as ever, even if they were couched in increasingly virtuosic musicianship.As with AFI's previous forward strides, their fans made the leap of faith with them-and then some. Sing the Sorrow sold over one million copies U.S. and the bands burgeoning live draw continued to grow exponentially. Sing the Sorrow's success would also provide AFI its first truly mainstream recognition, in the form of the 2003 MTV2 Viewers Choice Award, as well as best of 2003 accolades from the NEW YORK TIMES, GUITAR WORLD, SPIN, ALTERNATIVE PRESS, REVOLVER and USA TODAY, which named "Girl's Not Grey" one of the top singles of 2003."I was completely in awe then and still am now," says Hunter. "It all seemed to have come naturally from our efforts and honestly that's really hard for me to comprehend."As the members of AFI readily acknowledge, their atypical success story owes no small debt to possibly the most passionate and unlikeliest assemblage of fans to coalesce around any artist: The Despair Faction. "They're not really a fan club per se," says Jade. "The Despair Faction was conceived to be more interactive than that, to have more of a direct connection with us and with each other." As such, in addition to more conventional fan club perks such as exclusive merch and ticket pre-sales, DF members regularly attend AFI's soundchecks, where they come bearing gifts ranging from vegan baked goods for Davey and Hunter to homemade AFI merchandise, clothing, artwork and other keepsakes.Now with the new DECEMBERUNDERGROUND, AFI invite The Despair Faction and other fans new and old (and yet to be made) to experience their most accomplished and labor-intensive work to date. The product of some two years worth of painstaking songcraft and performance, DECEMBERUNDERGROUND finds producer Jerry Finn returning to provide an evolutionary continuity between Sing the Sorrow and the new record. With their team in place, AFI set about the process of writing and perfecting DECEMBERUNDERGROUND."There's a lot more attention to detail on this record," Jade recalls. "We spent a long time writing it. We refused to rush ourselves. We took our time not just on every song but on each guitar part, each vocal, each bass line. We definitely didn't rush into the studio.""Plus we had such a huge amount of material written," Adam adds. "Condensing that sheer volume and magnitude down to an album's worth of songs was very difficult. We could have made five different records."The fruit of this labor is a record that Davey Havok is confident "should break us out of any preconceived genres." And even on a cursory listen, the wealth and diversity of material backs him up from the first note: "Prelude 12/21" is a rhythm/vocal-oriented curveball that differs radically from the customary calls to arms that have opened all AFI albums since Black Sails. From there, DECEMBERUNDERGROUND veers from AFI's first straight-up vintage glam style shuffle on first single "Miss Murder" (complete with backing chants from The Despair Faction) to the stark and stunning soundscape of "Love Like Winter" and the epic suite "The Interview." The longtime AFI faithful need not worry, as DECEMBERUNDERGROUND features more than a fair share of familiar AFI hallmarks, from the slash and burn of "Kill Caustic" and "Affliction" to the balladic finale' "Endlessly, She Said."Of AFI fans' reaction to the new record, Davey says, "Our fans always come with us every step of the way. I think they recognize honesty in our music, that this is the only way we can express ourselves, to make music that we love. Nothing else. That's what allowed us to make the jump way back when and what continues to keep us going now.""Some artists fear change and their fans' reaction to it," Jade says. "A big part of our relationship with our fans is that we do change with every record. It's expected and embraced.""That's true," Davey agrees. "Our fans would probably be devastated if we ever released a record that was too similar to the previous one.""Whenever we start covering territory we've covered before," Adam adds, "we just get bored."Jade condludes: "As long as you make the record you want, sales don't matter. We have our music and our fans. Everything else is subject to the whims of the marketplace."