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Vid Helvetets Grindar
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1. A Future Europe In Flames
2. No One Gives A Fuck Anymore
3. A Burning Cross On Your Perfect Lawn
4. Forbrukningsartikel
5. Inevitable Environmental Collapse
6. Klinisk Digital Kyla
7. T(h)rash Vortex
8. Borja Fran Noll
9. The Empire
10. Kuken Som Vapen
11. The Great Cover-Up Apocalypse
12. Maskin-Manniska
13. Karnvapenbestyckad
14. Death Lovers
15. Loneslavar Sla Tillbaka

Being from Sweden, Afgrund are following in some pretty illustrious footsteps. Bands like Nasum and Rotten Sound have laid down the groundwork and set the standard of what Swedish grind is. “Vid Helvetets Grindar” is Afgrund’s 2nd full length following 2007’s “Svarta Dagar”, so the band is not treading entirely new ground. On their previous full length “Svarta Dagar” all song titles and lyrics are in Swedish. A change the band has made is incorporating English songs. 8 songs are in English, and 7 in Swedish.

The songs on “Vid Helvetes Grindar” are straightforward. The punk and hardcore influence are apparent and stick to grindcore roots. Tremolo guitar riffs scatter the record offsetting a few slow parts here and there. Melody and intricacies are absent, the album is just 15 tracks of pummeling riffs. No tracks really are awe inspiring and there is little variation, but if you like grind, this shit is sick. Most tracks range from 1 to 2 minutes in length, the whole record being only just under 28 minutes in length. Perfect for multiple listens, or the right amount if you don’t absolutely love the sound.

Rough, choppy guitars encompass the album. Not to say that the songs are unintelligible, just not polished. The drums fluctuate between blast beats and d-beat rhythms definitely adding to the grind atmosphere. Bass is pretty standard and doesn't really stray from the guitar work. Vocals change between lows and highs and are also straightforward. All instruments work together, and there is little tension or dissension.

BOTTOM LINE: If you aren’t already a fan of Swedish grind, go buy some Nasum records to get started. If you are already a fan, this cd can easily be played alongside its geographical counterparts. Vid Helvetes Grindar getting someone into this style is unlikely, but possible. It is surely a good addition to the bands repertoire and assuring their reputation the grind community. Afgrund have a promising future and have definitely made strides of progression in just 2 years.

RATING: 7/11

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