Absence Of The Sun
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Album Releases

A Symphony Of Unheard Words
HOME TOWN: Portland, Maine
Mark - Lead Guitar
Ned - Vocals
Roma - Rhythm Guitar
Yjago - Bass
Ep - Drums

Hailing from southern Maine, Absence of the sun have always stuck to several principles. To always remain the best of friends and keep the music in their hearts. Since 05' AOTS has been rockin' metal venues in the tri-state area. Since 07' (after two creative departures within the line-up) the band has been touring and trying to gain national recognition. Pretty impresssive for a band with an average age of 19!

The band is fueled by friendship, ruckus, constantly partying together, and the most retarded inside jokes that will leave you scratching your head and thinking "Ok WTF are they talking about!? "It's the amazing bond we all have off the stage. It carries through and molds us together while we're on the stage. It gives us the ability to play as a single coherent force, completely lost in the music, together as one. And trust me, we WILL NOT STOP. This is what we love and hold true in our hearts. We have HUGE plans for the future. so stay tuned!"

Absence of the Sun will never forget where they came from. And they will continue to evolve their sound and widen their ears until they evolve into one of the fastest, melodic, catchy, and heaviest bands to invade your ear drums and leave you remembering who they are.