A Breath Before Surfacing
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Death Is Swallowed In Victory
A Breath Before Surfacing Push back Release Date
May 12, 2008
The release date for A BREATH BEFORE SURFACING’s debut album ‘Death Is Swallowed In Victory’ has been bumped back to July 22nd through Mediaskare. To hold fans over until then, the band has posted the track “Disharmony Among Choirs” on their MySpace page located here http://www.myspace.com/abreathbeforesurfacing.

The band is currently on the road with label mates With Dead Hands Rising, dates for that tour can be found below.


w/ With Dead Hands Rising
5/15 San Antonio, TX – The White Rabbit
5/16 Corpus Christi, TX – The Compound
5/17 Baton Rouge, LA – The Darkroom
5/18 Panama City, FL – Beamers
5/20 Orlando, FL – Island Oasis
5/21 Tampa, FL – Transitions Art Gallery
5/22 Jacksonville, FL – The Pit
5/23 Valdosta, GA – Vito’s Rock N’ Roll Pizzeria
5/24 Charleston, SC – The Oasis
5/25 Wilmington, NC – Lucky’s pub
5/26 Arden, NC – Graffiti Music Hall
5/27 Raleigh, NC – The Brewery
5/28 Johnson City, TN – The Hideaway
5/29 Richmond, VA – Alley Katz
5/30 Wheeling, WV – Yesterday’s Draught House
5/31 Toledo, OH – Frankie’s Inner City
6/01 Southgate, MI – The Modern Exchange
6/02 Laporte, IN – The Next Level
6/03 Muncie, IN – The Launching Pad
6/04 Springfield, IL – The Black Sheep Café
6/05 Rockford, IL – The Wire
6/06 Manitowoc, WI – The Attic
6/07 Rodgers, MN – Showcase Skatepark<span style="font-weight: bold;" font-weight:="" bold;="" font-style:="" italic;]death="" is="" swallowed="" in="" victory="]<span style="font-weight: bold;" font-weight:="" bold;="" text-decoration:="" underline;]a="" breath="" before="" surfacing="" on="" tour="]</span]</span]
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The Classic Struggle Offers Tour And Album Update
May 12, 2008
South Carolina metalcore band The Classic Struggle are set to join up with With Dead Hands Rising and A Breath Before Surfacing before finishing work on their follow up to 2005’s highly acclaimed Ironclad Recordings debut, 'Feel Like Hell'.

Here’s what the band had to say: “What’s up everybody?! We have good news and bad news. We’ll start with the band news. Once again we have to cancel about 2 1/2 weeks of tour dates due to being broke ass motherfuckers! With gas prices going up and the job market being dead at home, it’s just not possible for us to make it to the west coast and back. We have full intentions right now of jumping back on the With Dead Hands Rising CD release tour and finishing the east coast dates, as long as our funds hold up. We’ll keep you posted!

Now for the GOOD news! The guitar tracks, along with the rest of our tracks for the new album are now finished! It’s in the process of being mixed and things are finally rolling in the right direction. I know we’ve said this before about four months ago, but it’s for real this time! After the With Dead Hands Rising tour, we’ll be taking some time off to focus on getting the record out and then getting back on the road to bring the new record to you and make up for all of our cancellations! We want all of you to know that we’ve been trying hard to make everything happen; it’s just been fucking tough lately! We’ll see you soon! Stay metal!”

The Classic Struggle tour dates
w/ With Dead Hands Rising, A Breath Before Surfacing:
05/17 - Baton Rouge, LA @ The Darkroom
05/18 - Panama City, FL @ Beamers
05/20 - Orlando, FL @ Island Oasis
05/21 - Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
05/22 - Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit
05/23 - Valdosta, GA @ Vito's Rock N Roll Pizza
05/24 - Charleston, SC @ The Oasis
05/25 - Wilmington, NC @ Lucky's Pub
05/26 - Arden, NC @ Graffiti Music Hall
05/27 - Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery
05/28 - Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway
05/29 - Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz
05/30 - Wheeling, WV @ Yesterday's Draught House
05/31 - Toledo, OH @ Frankies Inner City
06/02 - LaPorte, IN @ The Next Level
06/03 - Muncie, IN @ The Laughing Pad
06/04 - Springfield, IL @ The Black Sheep Cafe
06/05 - Rockford, IL @ The Wire
06/06 - Manitowac, WI @ The Attic
06/07 - Rodgers, MN @ Showcase Skatepark
06/08 - Chicago, IL @ Cafe Duval
06/09 - Danville, VA @ Plan B
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Scott (guitar)
Jake (guitar)
Tervor (drums)