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Coronary Reconstruction


Slaughter And Apparatus:
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Rotten Sound Streaming 'Napalm' Online
April 26, 2010
Rotten Sound is currently streaming their brand new 'Napalm' EP online now at www.RottenSoundNapalm.info. 'Napalm' features three brand new Rotten Sound songs and three Napalm Death covers along with a bonus DVD that includes a full live set from the Obscene Extreme Festival. 'Napalm' was released last month and is available now at this location.

Rotten Sound are on tour now with Aborted as part of the "Machines Of Grind" European tour. This three-week, co-headlining tour will also include stops at the Neurotic Death Fest and Revolution Fest Open Air. A complete listing of tour dates and cities can be found below.

Machines Of Grind Co-Headline Tour w/ Aborted:
4/26 - Madrid, Spain - Ritmo & Compas
4/27 - Barcelona, Spain - Apolo 2
4/28 - Luynes, France - Le Korigan
4/30 - Tilburg, Holland - 013 (Neurotic Death Fest)
5/01 - Leisnig, Germany - Revolution Fest Open Air
5/02 - Brno, Czech Rep. - Faval
5/03 - Munchen, Germany - Feierwerk
5/04 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
5/05 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Gala Hala
5/06 - Lonato Del Garda, Italy - Olden Live Club
5/07 - Zizers, Switzerland - Eventstage
5/08 - Durby, Belgium - Durbuy Rock Fest
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Aborted Announce New EP, Line Up
December 5, 2009
Death metal butchers, Aborted, have announce their new lineup, featuring Sven De Caluwe (also of System Divide) on vocals, Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) on drums, Eran Segal (ex-They Swarm/Whorecore) and Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) on guitar and Cole Martinez (System Divide) on bass.

This bandhas been working on new material for the past few months and has recorded a brand new five-track EP entitled, 'Coronary Reconstruction'. The effort will be released digitally before the end of the year via Century Media, and in a limited run of 1,000 copies by the bandmembers themselves exclusively through Indiemerch.

'Coronary Reconstruction'
track listing:
01. Coronary Reconstruction
02. From A Tepid Whiff
03. Grime
04. A Cadaverous Dissertation
05. Left Hand Path (Entombed cover)

Commented Sven De Caluwe: "It has been quite a ride so far with Aborted. The band always had to deal with numerous lineup changes and this time it is no different. Previous drummer Dan left to play for Trigger The Bloodshed and bass player Svenchi left to focus on his recording studio he just opened.

"After a tough year with major differences in how the band should evolve musically, and the touring plans of the band, I decided working with Peter and BST would simply not work and move along with new people who are thinking in the same direction and are motivated to lift this band up.

"I still do this band for fun and it is intended to be intense, and a hobby to me, and I do not have expectations to make a living solely from playing death metal as I am realistic that touring 10 months a year with a band like Aborted is simply a financial hazard. Everyone in the new lineup is aware of this and have been personal friends of mine for nearly a decade.

"The material we have excreted is simply shredding and brain-melting and takes the band back to the 'Goremageddon' and 'Archaic' era with some new twists, which is exactly what I wanted to do.

"I could not be more thrilled to welcome Dirk again in the band, who had a big part in the signature sound of 'Goremageddon'. It has been a blast to work back together on what I think is without a doubt the most exciting Aborted release since 'The Archaic Abattoir'. Everyone in the band poured heart and soul into the material and you will undoubtedly hear it, THE GORE IS BACK, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

Added Dirk Verbeuren: "Let me start off by saying that I had a total blast recording drums for the 'Goremageddon' album and 'The Haematobic' EP back in 2003/2004. Hanging out with those guys was tons of fun and a memorable experience. As for the musical results, they remain some of my favorite death metal ever - and the fact that the band hails from Belgium just like myself only makes it better!

"Sven and I stayed in touch over the years, and many of you may not know this, but during a common gig with Scarve somewhere in France, then-Aborted drummer Gilles and I actually traded places for a live rendition of 'Sanguine Verses'! (In turn, Gilles performed an Entombed with Scarve). A total blast yet again, and in my mind also my swansong with Aborted...

"Fast forward to October 2009. A common friend tells me the band may be looking for a drummer to help them out on an upcoming recording, so I drop Sven an email. Turns out half the new lineup lives right by my house, and just over a month later, here I am yet again tracking drums for a brand new batch of face-ripping death metal the way it was meant to be made!

"I know it may sound cliche, but the 'Coronary Reconstruction' EP is a true return to form. It has the reckless speed, intensity and creativity (plus another classic Entombed cover!) that Aborted became known for in the first place, as well as horrifying artwork and odious poetry such as only Sven's insane brain could conjure. I'm very proud and happy to be a part of this extremely talented line-up and I know we're gonna deliver the gory goods on the upcoming album, which I promise WILL be 100% pure brutal Aborted! ALL HAIL BELGIAN DEATH METAL!!!"

Stated Ken Sorceron: "I'm very pleased to have joined forces with Aborted as I have long thought of them as one of the best at what they do. I think we are all very dedicated to deliver some of the most brutal Aborted material yet while staying true to the classic Aborted sound."

Said Eran Segal: "Having the opportunity to join Aborted has been one hell of an honor for me. I have been a fan of the band ever since 'Engineering The Dead' and still loved it even after getting to know Sven around 2002. (I know, weird, right?) So in a way I feel like Chris Cole when he joined Steel Dragon.

"So far the work with the band has been flat-out wicked. Everybody was being extremely professional and creative which isn't surprising when you look at their impressive credentials.

"Our aim was to revisit the bands earlier brutality while keeping the modern approach presented in its latter era, and if I may say so myself I do believe we hit the target dead on. I'm totally stoked about all of this and can't wait to hit the road."

The artwork for 'Coronary Reconstruction' was created by Justin Osbourn from Slasher design and comprises the most gruesome and disgusting art the band ever had.
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Trigger The Bloodshed Recruits Aborted's Dan Wilding
August 4, 2009
The UK’s fast rising hyperblasting heavyweights, Trigger The Bloodshed, have issued the following update:

“Some of you may have heard rumors flying around over the recent weeks about Max leaving the band, we can now confirm that these rumors ARE true.
For a little while, Max has felt he has not been fulfilling the genre of music he wanted to pursue with a band, although he has enjoyed every moment with Trigger, he just felt his heart was not in the music and has gone on to fill this void playing and creating music in a genre he is more passionate about.
There are no hard feelings between Max and the band, he is still one of our best friends and we wish him all the luck and success in the world with his future projects.
Now comes the question of who is to replace him.
After speaking to a few people and trying out a few promising musicians, we were contacting drummer Dan Wilding of legendary death metal band Aborted, who offered his services to fill in for us during our upcoming Dominatour. After e-mails back and forth, Dan expressed interest in taking over the drums full time and it’s as simple as that really.
Dan learned the songs, came to practice and he was the drummer for Trigger from the time the stick hit the skin for the first blast beat of 'The Great Depression'.
We are stoked to have Dan join the band and he has fit in straight away and we can't wait to hit the road with him and play some fucking heavy riffs.
Make sure you come check us out with Dan over the next month on the Dominatour alongside Annotations of an Autopsy, Burning Skies and Viatrophy.
And for those of you who don't know Dan or his skills on a kit, here's a little video to wet your appetite." Check out the video below.
More updates coming soon!

For more info on Trigger The Bloodshed, visit http://www.myspace.com/triggerthebloodshed.
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The Acacia Strain Checks In From The Road
March 26, 2009
Massachusetts heavyweights, The Acacia Strain, whose new album 'Continent' debuted at #107 on the Billboard Top 200 last August, are nearing the end of a six-week North American tour with Bleeding Through, which wraps up in Los Angeles on March 28. Vocalist Vincent Bennett checks in with the following report:

"I just want to thank and commend everyone who had anything to do with making this one of the smoothest, most bullshit-free tours I've ever been on," he says. "All the promoters have been so great to us and we have developed lasting friendships with all these bands. More so, I would like to thank every single kid who came out and had a good fucking time. Without you guys, we would be nothing. You still have a week's worth of shows to catch, so come hang!"

Later this spring, The Acacia Strain will perform at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and soon after, the group will return to Europe, where they will tour with Aborted. Says Bennett, "Aborted has been one of my favorite death metal bands since I heard 'Goremageddon' years back. Touring Europe with them is going to be an honor. I can't wait to get out there!"

In other news from The Acacia Strain, the group has been nominated for the MySpace Readers' Choice Award at the inaugural Revolver Golden Gods Awards, which take place in Los Angeles on April 7. Fans can vote for the band once a day until March 30, when voting will wrap up. To cast your vote, visit this link.

“We are excited that we've been nominated for the MySpace Readers' Choice award,” Bennett says. “Thanks to our fans for their votes!”

The Acacia Strain on tour:
w/ Bleeding Through:
3/24 - The Venue - Boise, ID
3/25 - Neumo's - Seattle, WA
3/26 - Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR
3/27 - DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA
3/28 - Key Club - Los Angeles, CA

The Acacia Strain:
3/29 - Crossing – Palmdale, CA
3/31 - Club Sound – Salt Lake City, UT
4/03 - Hideaway – Johnson City, TN
4/04 - Harmony Grange – Wilmington, DE
4/05 - Doylestown Moose Lodge – Doylestown, PA
4/17 - Palladium - Worcester, MA (NE Metalfest)

w/ Aborted:
5/29 - Stadtmitte – Karlsruhe, Germany
5/30 - Neurotic Death Fest – Tilburg, Holland
5/31 - White Rabbit – Plymouth, UK
6/01 - Music Box – Manchester, UK
6/03 - Ivory Banks – Glasgow, UK
6/03 - Rios – Leeds, UK
6/04 - Underworld – London, UK
6/05 - TJ's – Newport, UK
6/06 - Furnace – Swindon, UK
6/07 - Trix – Antwerp, Belgium
6/08 - Underground – Cologne, Germany
6/09 - Dynamo – Zurich, Switzerland
6/10 - Sottotetto Club – Bologna, Italy
6/11 - Feierwerk – Munich, Germany
6/17 - Arena – Vienna, Austria
6/18 - Conne Island – Leipzig, Germany
6/19 - Turock – Essen, Germany
6/20 - Summer Blast – Trier, Germany
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Kataklysm: New Video To Premiere On November 26th
November 20, 2008
Directed by Maxime Hebert of ProxyMite Productions, the brand new Kataklysm music video for the track "Blood In Heaven" will be unleashed to the world on Wednesday, November 26th!

"Blood In Heaven" will be the second video made in support of the group's latest album, 'Prevail', which was released earlier this year and was honored as "Album Of The Year" in the "Metal/Hardcore" category at the Quebec Indie Music Awards.

Starting November 27th, Kataklysm will be joining the MetalFest Tour alongside Morbid Angel, Marduk, Keep of Kalessin, and Arsis.

Throughout the tour, there will be special guests on select dates such as Aborted, Belphegor, Thyrfing, Hackneyed, Hail of Bullets, and more!

To find out if the bands will be hitting a town near you, please visit Kataklysm's MySpace Page.
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HOME TOWN: Belgium
Svencho: Vocals
Seb: Guitars/vocals
Peter: Guitars
Svenchi: Bass
Dan: Drums

Shoving a dirtied, well-placed syringe straight through the heart of expectation, ABORTED further remove themselves from the Carcass homage of old on their sixth release Strychnine.213 . While most bands are content releasing the same record every other year, this international collective prefers to strike a rare balance between maturity and experimentation, honoring a legacy of brutal death metal and grindcore while progressing toward something slightly less classifiable. It is precisely that ambition that has made ABORTED a household name in extreme metal.

Combining the band's undeniable live energy with a powerhouse production from Eric Rachel (The Red Chord, The Black Dahlia Murder, God Forbid etc.) and a "fuck you' rock'n roll" approach to the overly edited, sterile sounding death metal records of today, ABORTED succeed in retaining their vicious roots while evolving in terms of melody, musical virtuosity and vigor. Taking the album's lyrical concept of true crime, serial killer topics quite literally, Colin Marks' frighteningly realistic and brutal artwork for "Strychnine.213" reinforces the notion that ABORTED have doubtlessly developed into extreme metal's most promising new breed.

While most extreme bands depend on harsh imagery and gruesome subject matter to obtain some sort of shock value, ABORTED relies more on their musicianship to make jaws drop. Far more sophisticated than your average grind outfit, the band has been refining their carnal artistry for the past decade and 'Strychnine.213' is just the proof of that.