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Survivalist kicks off with an interesting spoken word intro that sounds like something taken from a movie. All is well until the music actually kicks in and it all falls apart.

This album from start to finish is nothing more than a bad attempt at mixing Hatebreed's metallic hardcore stylings with enough breakdowns in between to easily contend with older Throwdown records. Boring, simplistic, and even the production quality lacks. The physical cd has the quality of a highly compressed mp3. Lame.

The vocals, while lacking in range and distinctiveness are at least intelligible to a large degree. Sadly, that's probably the only positive thing the band has going for them. Throw this cd on randomly, and it could literally be mistaken for any number of bands trying to make it in the already oversaturated deathcore scene.


There really isn't much that can be said about this cd to make it seem worthwhile. Granted, Abacabb are a young band and they have time to go back to the drawing board and mybe improve on their next release. The only problem with that is whether or not they'll actually have that chance, considering how truly unimpressive this cd is.

This is really only going to appeal to diehard deathcore fans, and possibly fans of Carnifex, As Blood Runs Black, and every other second generation third rate deathcore band out there today.

RATING: 4/11

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